Sunday, June 1, 2014

Prints + Pearls

Wearing: Ralph Lauren top, Front Row Shop skirt (buy here!), Thrifted heels, Banggood clutch, Front Row Shop necklace (buy here!), ZeroUV sunglasses (buy here!).

         Lately I've been trying out a more simple girly look and I feel that I've succeeded with this outfit! I am so in love with this skirt and necklace I got from Front Row Shop recently, and I'm basically in love with the shop as a whole! They have so many lovely and unique pieces to choose from, and I can't wait to get more! I absolutely adore the cut and print on this skirt, but when I when trying to put it in an outfit, I just felt that I couldn't match it with anything. It was my mom actually who told me it would look super cute with just a simple black tank (it's her tank too...I don't say anything but I'm always borrowing her clothes and wearing them on the blog!) and I was so happy that it looked perfect but also a bit shocked that I didn't just think of pairing the skirt with a black top! Since I was wearing the simple top, I opted for a bolder necklace, which is this simple but bold giant pearl necklace from Front Row Shop as well. This necklace is definitely unlike anything I've ever seen before, and I love pearls so much, oh and it's only $10, so I figured it was a must-have! With all of this I wore my new oversized sunglasses from ZeroUV, they have this awesome leather look to them which I love so much, and I totally feel like Anna Wintour in these (and that is such a great feeling honestly) so I definitely think I'll be wearing them all the time! 



  1. Oh wow! Breath taking Carly, so chic x

  2. love the look on you Carly

  3. Hi Carly! I love your look! :D

  4. You look so great, Carly! I love the necklace so much, and your oversized clutch. x

  5. Such a lovely look!
    your accessories are so lovely<3

  6. Love everything you are wearing, especially the necklace and the skirt! Gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful! I love it.I hope I can get my hands on a skirt like that soon!


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