Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Mornings in Vintage Florals

Wearing: Mara Vintage Shop dress, LYDC London bag (buy here!), Boohoo heels.

         I'm not quite sure what decade this lovely vintage dress is (60s maybe?), but it is quite a stunning dress and looks quite modern! I've been eyeing it for quite a long time and I've finally gotten my hands on this lovely vintage gem. Also, what better a coincidence than for this also lovely LYDC London bag to come in the mail for me, although the floral print in the bag is different than the dress of course, the colors and the patterns go together so well it's like they were just meant to be paired with each other. I keep staring at these photos honestly, not because of the photo itself though, but because my eyes have never been so drawn to a combination of colors! So bright, vibrant, and all of the colors are set at the perfect tone. 

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