Sunday, July 6, 2014

Quirky Summer Layers

Wearing: Papaya Clothing dress, Thrifted denim shirt, Aeropostale "Tokyo Darling" NY graphic tee, Thrifted heels + headscarf, Vintage necklace, Vintage Louis Vuitton via Mara Vintage Shop, Target watch.

The other day I wore this outfit to go in for my orientation for the job I just got at Aeropostale, and since it was a cloudy windy day, it wasn't too hot to wear layers, so I took advantage of that opportunity! I originally was just wearing the dress, but then I thought it would be cute (and totally appropriate for the occasion) to wear my current favorite graphic tee from Aeropostale's new Tokyo Darling line over the dress, but then I had the idea to put on a denim shirt underneath the tee, and I thought it worked so well in a quirky, young, and cute kind of way. I added in some color with the heels and headscarf, and of course I had to wear a chunky necklace, and then my outfit was complete! Not exactly my everyday style, but I always like trying new things, and I got quite a few compliments as well, so that's always a nice confidence booster when stepping out of your style comfort zone!

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