Sunday, August 3, 2014

August Inspiration

This month I'm inspired by cozy outfits, cozy hangout spots, and pretty much anything else laid back. I've been so on the go with various different freelance jobs (and an actual job) that all I want and have time to do is sit in a coffee shop with my boyfriend jeans + band tee, drink coffee, and work. This is how I save up for college in NYC and my dreams, and so far it's slowly but surely working for me. It's not so bad of an experience, either. I love working freelance and putting my various tech-savvy skills to good use, and it's good to be in a relaxing environment (sick of working from my bedroom) and enjoying a good cup of coffee while I do my work! My heels and dresses have been resting in my closet for the time being, but they'll be back out soon! I think this summer heat has gotten to me as well, I can't bare the thought of being in anything other than airy and easy outfits. The humidity and heat isn't even worth putting on my makeup and cutest threads for at this point! But, when fall rolls around, they'll come back out to play! 


  1. Lovely inspiration. Are you going to college in nyc, Carly?
    So am I!


  2. Good luck with everything, Carly! It sounds like you're working really hard, so it'll all pay off. Love that quote! x

  3. i am amazed by a 19 year old girl who have done these quality works.Best of luck!!

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  4. you are the idol to other young girl who have no clue what they should do with their life of precious time.
    Best wishes for you.
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