Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Brooklyn Baby

Wearing: WalG jumpsuit, Little Mistress belt (came with a dress so you can't get it individually), Nasty Gal sandals, Target hat, Michael Kors via Mara Vintage Shop bag, Gucci vintage watch, Vintage ring, bangle + earrings, My Name Necklace "Carly" necklace.

Couldn't think of a clever title, so I just decided to use a song title like usual, and I still can't stop listening to LDR's new album so Brooklyn Baby it was! I did go with it because of the lyrics mentioning the 70s, and that's exactly what I felt like in this outfit! Jumpsuits always automatically scream 70s to me, so I was definitely excited to get my first one here, which is from Wal-G! It's so cute and the color is just darling for summer, and even though the pant-length is a little too long for me, it'll be easy to take them somewhere and get them shortened. Which reminds me, I still need to learn how to sew so I can do simple things like small! Anyways, I stuck with gold accents (like usual) to keep it looking glam, and paired it with straw accessories to give it the glam 70s appeal as well. Of course, I tried my best to put in some very 70s pieces, like the floppy hat, the hoop-style earrings (they're door knockers but it just felt right to wear them...they're my favorite earrings right now!) and of course some chunky wooden platform heels. My mom told me I looked like I stepped out of American Hustle which was one of the best compliments ever, because even though I didn't care for the movie, it's one of my favorite style films! The more I love my outfit, the better my day is, and I must say I had a pretty good day in this outfit!

Also, I just wanted to add in that today this week's issue of Look Magazine came out, and I'm in it! While it's a British magazine, you can still order an online copy, but the image is below. I'm wearing one of my favorite summer dresses, from the Look Magazine x Little Mistress collection! If you haven't seen my post in it, you can click and view it here



  1. I love the cool 70s glam feel of this outfit. That jumpsuit looks awesome on you and it's such a pretty color. That gold belt is gorgeous with it too.

    Jamie |

  2. Oh wow, utterly divine Carly, you look stunning girl x

  3. Learning to hand sew can be tricky to do well. Getting a machine can be expensive, but so worth it if you like to craft/alter/sew clothing like I do! I recommend trying to get a machine with a demo sale. Those are the machines that the sewing shops have out to demo how the different ones work and they have to sell them used. Most of them are in practically new condition. One piece of advice when choosing a brand. Singers may be cheaper but they are machines from the depths of hell and must be avoided at all costs! They operate more like those sewing toys you get kids rather than a real machine. Ugh.

    Theatricality by Mariah

  4. I love the color on your jumpsuit! And that belt is absolutely amazing!

  5. this jumpsuit is definitely YOU! great look, love the retro vibe! ;)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming


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