Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Brooklyn Baby

Wearing: WalG jumpsuit, Little Mistress belt (came with a dress so you can't get it individually), Nasty Gal sandals, Target hat, Michael Kors via Mara Vintage Shop bag, Gucci vintage watch, Vintage ring, bangle + earrings, My Name Necklace "Carly" necklace.

Couldn't think of a clever title, so I just decided to use a song title like usual, and I still can't stop listening to LDR's new album so Brooklyn Baby it was! I did go with it because of the lyrics mentioning the 70s, and that's exactly what I felt like in this outfit! Jumpsuits always automatically scream 70s to me, so I was definitely excited to get my first one here, which is from Wal-G! It's so cute and the color is just darling for summer, and even though the pant-length is a little too long for me, it'll be easy to take them somewhere and get them shortened. Which reminds me, I still need to learn how to sew so I can do simple things like small! Anyways, I stuck with gold accents (like usual) to keep it looking glam, and paired it with straw accessories to give it the glam 70s appeal as well. Of course, I tried my best to put in some very 70s pieces, like the floppy hat, the hoop-style earrings (they're door knockers but it just felt right to wear them...they're my favorite earrings right now!) and of course some chunky wooden platform heels. My mom told me I looked like I stepped out of American Hustle which was one of the best compliments ever, because even though I didn't care for the movie, it's one of my favorite style films! The more I love my outfit, the better my day is, and I must say I had a pretty good day in this outfit!

Also, I just wanted to add in that today this week's issue of Look Magazine came out, and I'm in it! While it's a British magazine, you can still order an online copy, but the image is below. I'm wearing one of my favorite summer dresses, from the Look Magazine x Little Mistress collection! If you haven't seen my post in it, you can click and view it here

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