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First Year of College: Must-Haves Wishlist

        Instead of doing a monthly wishlist this month, I decided to compile a list of must-haves for your first year of college, since I start college in just a matter of weeks! Not only did I put together a Polyvore board, but I also have plenty of recommended items listed below as well, and it's all affordable items, because my main goal for this post is to really help anyone who is looking for cute and affordable back-to-school clothes, accessories, and stationery! This list can totally apply to high school students as well, as I know a lot of these things were essentials for my past four years of high school, especially senior year! So if any of you are going into college like I am, or still attending high school, I hope you enjoy this little wishlist!

First Year of College: Must-haves Wishlist

H M brown top, $25 / Old Navy scoop neck tank top / Graphic t shirt / Accessorize wingtip shoes / H M black purse, $25 / MARC BY MARC JACOBS tech accessory / Tech accessory / AERIN lip gloss / NARS Cosmetics lip gloss / Philosophy body moisturizer / H M travel bag, $6.75 / SUGAR PAPER Kraft polka dot journal, $25 / Coffee mug, $4.60 / H M candles candleholder, $5.06 / Audrey Hepburn 12oz Double Wall Ceramic Travel Mug


During the school year, backpacks and totes (whichever you carry for school) become our main bag, and we tend to leave our purses behind at home. Since we carry our school bag everyday, it's good to get one that leans to the more simplistic and versatile side, so it matches well with all of your outfits! I personally like to carry a black shopper tote during the school year, but I've had my share of boldly colored and tacky-printed backpacks that I used to carry during school, and now they're shamefully sitting in the back of my closet. Backpacks and totes can sometimes get pretty costly, so it's good to get one sturdy and versatile bag to save you from buying a new bag every year! A few of my options are from Modcloth, however I included a variety of style that I think would be great.



2. Black Faux Leather Shopper (w/ brown option also!)


The main goal during the school year is to stay comfy but look cute as well! A good way to do this is just to invest in some adorable cardigans, cute tees, and versatile flats! In my closet, I've got an endless amount of striped tees and band shirts for those days when I just want to be comfy. I am also a big lover of oxfords, and I know for sure I own way more of them than I do normal flats. But one pair of black flats is all you need in my opinion...they go with literally everything! Some of the items I've selected below are from Nasty Gal and I've also included a plus size option from OneStopPlus!





For long nights of endless assignments to do, or maybe just after a stressful day, you're gonna need to have some soothing candles and lotions by your side! Shops like Nordstrom and Ulta have a great selection to pamper yourself with! Small things like these can easily help your day out a little bit, and so can the help of a little coffee!




If you tend to be someone who wakes up at the last minute before school starts and you never have time to put on your makeup, don't worry, I've been there too. I find that a little bit of some mascara and lip gloss makes a big difference to your appearance, and only takes a minute!


Lip Gloss


Looking at paper and pens all day gets pretty boring, and we all know that they automatically mean schoolwork. Personally, when I have pretty stationery to write in, it makes the stressful work a little better, and it makes me want to make my penmanship and work look as nice and neat as possible! So if pretty stationery is what it takes for you too, I say go for it (check out Kate Spade!) Anything that motivates you to put in more effort is totally worth buying!




2. "What Would Blair Waldorf Do?" Pencil Set (I want these so so bad!)


Here's a few other random items that make school a little better that didn't really fall into any of my other categories. A few of these things would be phone cases, makeup bags (used for pencils too, of course!), and coffee cups/travel mugs. These little random things help make the day a little more pleasant!

Coffee Cups / Travel Mugs

1. Camera Lens Mug
2. Grumpy Cat Coffee Mug
3. "I Woke Up Like This" Mug

Makeup Bags / Pencil Bags

1. Lipstick Addict Cosmetic Bag
2. Boho Print Double Zip Bag
3. Embossed Leather Makeup Bag

Phone Cases

1. New York City Phone Case
2. More Issues Than Vogue Phone Case
3. Crushed Metallic Phone Case

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  1. Love this list! I think I need most of these things, I'm so unprepared for moving out next month! Love the 'more issues than vogue' case, and the bucket bag. x

  2. Loving this! Have fun in college girl(:
    Hope you'll stop by soon!

    xx Shirley

  3. Good luck with College girl! You will have so much fun. These are great picks. I loved pretty stationary in University (and still do!).

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  4. Love your must-haves, you can never go wrong with fun/stylish stationary! Good luck in college :) !


  5. This is so cute, you make me wish it was my freshmen year again!


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