Saturday, September 27, 2014

ABC Selfie - 24-hour Social Media Cleanse Challenge

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ABC through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about ABC Selfie, all opinions are my own.

Hey everyone! Today I've got a bit of a random post here, but it's not completely unrelated to fashion and blogging. A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I would like to take this challenge and post it on my blog, and I thought it would be an interesting fun idea to take this personality quiz relating to the new show on ABC called Selfie, which airs Tuesday September 30 at 8pm/7pm Central! The show is about a social-media obsessed girl named Eliza who is ready to give up this obsession and start living her real life, rather than the one on her phone. You can watch the pilot here, and I definitely recommend this show, I watched the pilot and am already in love with the show. I think we can all relate to it and the main character Eliza, and it's a pretty funny and all-around cute show! Anyways, after I took this quiz, my results came out to being that I'm an "Eliza", and am completely addicted to social media. I was challenged to a 24-hour social media cleanse, and I'm here today to share my results! Here were the rules of the challenge:

  • Challenge yourself to go 24 hours on September 16 without your mobile phone and without posting to your social accounts.  
  • Keep your phone with you in case of an emergency, but try keeping it turned off.
  • Take mental pictures of the beautiful sunset, your delicious dinner, or your adorable child. Those memories might stick with you forever.
It seemed like it would be an extremely difficult thing, seeing as though I'm a blogger and social media is heavily included in my daily routine. When I'm on the go, I'm either checking emails, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram all through my phone. I took this challenge last Tuesday, and I was working most of that day so I figured I'd give it my best shot.

I kept my phone on, just in-case someone called me or if I needed to call someone. I will admit I did turn on my iTunes radio while I worked, but I actually didn't check my social media! When I got home, however, I did check it all from my desktop computer. But I tried to keep that to a minimum as well, so I limited myself 15 minutes only, and it worked! I successfully went pretty much a full day without social media, and it felt amazing. When I got home from work, I decided to go outside for a run, catch up on my reading, and just spend time with my family and pets. Nothing special, but it was nice not constantly checking my phone every 5 seconds. 

I cannot wait for the show to air next week, and I also can't wait to start trying to get my social-media obsession in order, like Eliza on the show. I'm not going to ban social-media from my life completely of course, but I am going to start trying to challenge once or twice a month, just so I can have that one day to stop and enjoy life without a screen in front of my face. Sunday sounds like a perfect day for that...what do you all think? I challenge you all to go 24 hours without social media also! If you'd like to try it, please do and comment how it worked for you, because I'd love to hear everyone's experience with this awesome challenge! Also, make sure you watch ABC's Selfie on September 30th, I promise you all will love it just as much as I do! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Pocket of Whimsy Collective Giveaway!

Hey everyone! This week I'm starting off the beginning of the Fall season right, by hosting a collective giveaway with a few other fabulous ladies to win a beautiful necklace from A Pocket of Whimsy, a shop that offers a lovely collection of rustic and nature-inspired pieces. I am so in love with this Etsy shop and the unique pieces it offers, so I'm really excited to be sharing this giveaway with you all! For this giveaway, A Pocket of Whimsy is offering a chance for three lucky gals to win a necklace from their shop!

To enter this giveaway, just fill out the rafflecopter widget below, and let me know what necklace from A Pocket of Whimsy you'd like to win! This giveaway runs until the 28th of September, so I'll make sure to announce the winner of the day after! While this is my third giveaway this month, this one has without a doubt been the most fun, because of the great experience it has been working with the 6 other bloggers doing this collective giveaway with me! They all have such wonderful blogs and I recommend you all check them out! 

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Tips and Ideas to Make This Homecoming Your Best Yet!

Out of my four years at high school, I only attended homecoming my senior year, and actually it was the only high school dance I went to! I never went to any of my proms, which my parents told me I would regret, but I have not regretted it, nor do I think I ever will. But I am glad I got to attend homecoming, because let's face it, it's just a funner dance! You don't need to worry about dates, or who's gonna ask you to go with them. You just go shopping for the cutest mini-dress, some killer heels, and go with your best gals! 

While my homecoming was quite a fun and without a doubt a very interesting experience, I won't go into too many details. All you need to know is I killed it in my super glam Faviana tutu-styled dress, and I felt honored when I got endless comments from girls (all in beautiful dresses themselves!) about how I had the best dress and was best dressed at homecoming. At that time I didn't know I'd go on to get the senior superlative for best dressed in my class, but that's another story. I'm here to give you some tips on what to wear for homecoming featuring two beautiful dresses from Chi Chi and Fame + Partners, and how to make this your best homecoming yet! 

(left dress: Fame + Partners, right dress: Chi Chi)

Tip #1: Think one step ahead with either the popular trends, or what style you're wanting to go for. A lot of girls start out saying they want to look like a princess with one of those girly, sparkly fit-and-flare homecoming dresses with all the tulle. I know that's what I wanted, and so did all of my friends. While most girls who attend my homecoming this past year I noticed had dresses more on the casual side (I'm assuming because of cost reasons), my dress was gifted to me from Faviana, and I'm still thanking them in my mind because in my opinion that's definitely the prettiest dress I've ever worn! While the wrong color choice accidentally got sent to me, I ended up liking it better...which leads me to my second tip...

Tip #2: Step out of your comfort zone! Like I said, with the dress I requested from Faviana, I asked for it in the light pink color, but was sent the black and white option. I didn't get to try on dresses since it was online, but most girls go shopping in person for a homecoming dress. While viewing on Faviana's website, the black and white was my least favorite option, so I was slightly disappointed when I received that one. But, when I tried it on, I found that I liked it way better! It put me in the mind of Natalie Portman's costume in Black Swan and it just fit my skin tone so much better. My point here is, don't just look at a dress and judge it instantly. Try something you don't think you would like on, you'd be surprised how fast you can change your mind about things! 

Tip #3: If your dress isn't making the statement, make sure your heels do. If you're dress is big and colorful, stick with a patent nude or black option with your heels. But, you're dress is solid colored and not too much already, I say go for it and buy some extravagant heels! You may never wear them again depending on what your normal style is, so if you don't think you will, just buy a pair on the cheaper side for the night. Make sure you wear them around a few days before though so you can break them in, but not the day before, because there may or may not be blisters involved in the process that will need to heal! 

Tip #4: If you're aiming to have a stunning yet beautiful dress for homecoming, just stick with a traditional style and color. There's no better go-to option than a if that's what you feel most comfortable with, go for it! I will personally admit that I love to be daring and it's such a great feeling to stand out amongst the crowd with whatever I'm wearing, but I can totally understand if any girls out there just want to look beautiful without worrying that they're overdoing it. My only recommendation here is that if you're buying a simpler style dress, make sure it's made of a chiffon material and not of plain ol' cotton...I saw way too many of those at my homecoming. It's a semi-formal dance, and I feel that cotton bodycons and skater dresses are just a tad too casual. Lastly, if you're sticking with the simpler dress style, make sure to glam it up with some accessories! Whether it be a big statement necklace or maybe even just a classic strand of pearls, there are so many lovely options that are perfect for simpler dresses!

My favorite homecoming dresses this season:

Heels that will look perfect for homecoming night:

To finish your look off with accessories, I recommend these:

- - - -
Here's what I wore:


Wearing: Fame & Partners dress (already sold out, but here's a similar dress), Nina heels, Vintage Louis Vuitton via Mara Vintage Shop bag, Rue 21 statement necklace.

Recently the wonderful shop Fame & Partners gifted me this beautiful pale pink backless dress, and while I am no longer in school, if I had another homecoming to attend, this would definitely be one of my options. I love the simplicity of this dress and how feminine it is, and not to mention the cut of it is just perfect. I kept a classic look with it and wore my black Nina heels and carried my vintage Louis Vuitton bag. I used to get paranoid and weird about wearing any sort of black shoes while carrying this bag because of the strange black/brown combo which I usually don't think matches well, but I had to just face the facts and realize that this bag is a classic, and it matches everything. I felt so glam and girly in this outfit, and it's all thanks to that beautiful Fame & Partners dress! If you girls are still looking to buy a unique, stunning dress for homecoming, I definitely recommend you all check out the homecoming dresses from Fame & Partners. So many various styles of dresses from modern to classic, but they still manage to pull off a look that will be wearable and still in style in a few years from now.


Wearing: Chi Chi dress, Nina clutch, Forever 21 earrings, Monet heels. 

Another style I love for a homecoming dress this Fall season are beautiful brocade dresses like this one from Chi Chi. Whats so lovely about this one is that the brocade print isn't printed on the dress, but is embroidered onto this tulle overlay, which creates this glam, fancy look...perfect for a gal who's looking to stand out at homecoming! For this look, I went with my usual makeup and hair because I am not skilled enough with either of the two to create those sleek updos and smokey eyes, but I'm okay with it so I usually just switch up what shade of lipstick I put on to change my "look", haha! But with this dress I wore a darker, plum colored shade of lipstick to go with the more baroque look of this dress, which ever since 2012 I have not yet been able to get over.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Monochrome Plaids

Wearing: Forever 21 top, SheInside white blazer, Aeropostale high-waisted jeggings, Zara boots, Nila Anthony bag, Forever 21 hat.

A few months ago I was looking in the huge 2-story Forever 21 in my city with my friend, and of course after hours and hours of searching I did pick up this interesting top here. I was a little hesitant at first on whether I should buy it or not, because I think it was about $30 and sadly I still find that expensive for a top. But, I went with my gut and got it...I don't know why but I really love it because the style of it and long tail in the back reminds me of something a stylish rapper would wear...maybe Kanye has worn something like this before. I love the more urban styles that I see people like Kanye, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky wearing, which may sound weird coming from me but I can't help that I have an appreciation of all styles! Anyways, I ended up getting tons of compliments on this top, and I love it, so I think I did good getting it! I paired it simply with jeans, my black patent (I think they're leather?) Zara boots, a white SheInside blazer, and with my lovely new bright blue suede-look (it reminds me of the Gucci bag with the fringe!) bag from Nila Anthony for a pop of color. 


Sunday, September 14, 2014

5 Ways To Wear: Graphic Tops

Before writing this post, I am totally aware that graphic tops are quite possibly the easiest thing to style on this earth. However, sometimes we only think to pair graphic tees with denim cut-offs, when they really can look so awesome layered over dresses, and can also be used as a good way to create a certain look for an outfit, so my post here to help some gals who may not be as imaginative and creative and are looking for knew ways to style this big staple piece (everyone has to have at least ONE graphic tee in their closet, right?!), or for those who are just looking for some extra style tips and a different point of view.

 I hate buying graphic tops, especially tees, because I initially tend to feel like they aren't stylish at all and that I won't look stylish while wearing one, but that's so untrue and it sometimes it does take layering one over a denim top and polka dot dress to find that out, but I do keep buying them because I love the way they look and I especially enjoy wearing something that I love so dearly on my shirt (please note that I mostly only own band tees and NY-related tees). So, hopefully this helps some of you out there find new ways to style your graphic tops and tees! 

- - - 

Outfit #1: For this outfit, I was pairing around the leopard sneakers, so I wanted to go for a more grungy, rock 'n' roll kind of look. Simple cutoffs with my favorite vintage Aerosmith tee and some pantyhose created that look, but in a simple every-day kind of way. When wearing just your simple tee and cut-offs/jeans, if you're looking for ways to style it up I would definitely say it's all in what shoes and accessories you wear that creates either that more dressed down or dressed up look you're trying to achieve!

Outfit #2: I wore this outfit for my job interview at Aeropostale, and before I left I had originally decided on the denim shirt over the polka dress, and that was it. But, at the last minute I thought about this NY graphic tee and was wondering if I should wear it over the dress instead of the denim shirt, but I just put it over both to create a more fun and young look that is perfect for working at Aero! I added in the three-layer pearl necklace and some red accessories with my vintage Louis Vuitton bag to do a bit of mixing of patterns and styles. Not my everyday style, but it was fun and cute to wear it for that day, and I would definitely wear it again!

Outfit #3: This past school year I was really into tying blouses and t-shirts over my sleeveless and thin-strapped dresses to prevent getting dress coded at my school, and I found it to be really cute also! This outfit I was trying to style a floral summery graphic top for fall, so I paired with many tans and browns to give it a more natural fall look.

Outfit #4: I loved these pants early last year and in 2012 as well because they're so rock 'n' roll and I originally wanted them because I was inspired by this black and white striped jumpsuit Steven Tyler used to wear sometimes during the 70s. But, since I wore these pants in that outfit, I feel that they've gotten a bit of a bad rep ever since Robin Thicke wore that full on striped suit at the 2013 VMA's and got compared to Beetlejuice. Oh well, even though I don't think I'm ever gonna wear them again they are still cute in my opinion, and I paired them with lots of red in this outfit, adding to their rocker look by wearing a Rolling Stones tee with them. 

Outfit #5: The other day I wore this outfit, and I put together a very girly but urban outfit around this Brooklyn graphic top that I got from Kohl's. It was simple but cute, and really great for this transitional period from summer to fall. I gave it a little pop of color by adding in my blue suede-look Nila Anthony bag. 


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Off-The-Shoulder Skaters + Slip-on Sneakers

Wearing: Quiz coral "Bardot" skater dress, Kohl's leopard print slip-ons, Banggood clutch, ZeroUV sunglasses.

While this dress is in a more classic style and like the name, Bardot-inspired, the bright coral (in person it's very vibrant, almost like a neon, but didn't pick up well on camera) really made me look at it as a more modern dress, so I styled it as such. I wanted to go for a simple, girly, playful sort-of casual look, so I went with my leopard slip-on sneakers from Kohl's, which I cannot seem to take off....maybe it's because I'm so late on this trend, and I have so many ideas for them built up inside my head! For the accessories, I kept it simple with my favorite envelope clutch from Banggood and black sunnies from ZeroUV. I do really love this dress and outfit, but for some reason don't find the way I styled it to be very flattering on me. Maybe it's just the photos, but this is why I usually try to say with wearing heels, my legs are just so short that I feel they look stubby without some sort of heel helping to lengthen them! But I did get another one of these same dresses except in a super summery white and blue floral pattern...and maybe it's too late for that too since fall is approaching, but it's Florida, so I still got some time left, and I'm going to style it super cute as a way of leaving Summer 2014 with a bang!

Also - If you haven't entered my Kohl's $100 gift card giveaway yet, you can enter it now by clicking HERE! When I originally published the post at 4 am the other day I totally forgot to add it in there, but it's up now! Please go enter now, the last day to enter is 9/16! 

September Wishlist!

september 14

This month I'm really wanting to focus on my favorite fall colors, which would be lots of beiges and tans, and of course, deep and bold reds, my absolute favorite! I usually tend not to wear too much red during the spring and summer months because most of the in style shades of red are very bright and borderline orange, rather than a bolder red. I've also been so obsessed with this style of Gucci bag as well, I actually like the vintage style of this bag from the 80s more than the new ones for some reason, and I also just won a bid on one today for $230 so you'll be seeing lots of outfits with the same Gucci bag this fall...but it's just such a classic bag and I've wanted one ever since I was little (yes I knew what Gucci was when I was 5 lol!) I'm really into sticking with simpler, more classic styles for these upcoming months, so why not wish for more striped tops and fit-and-flare skirts?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Falling into Colors of Autumn (+ White Plum Giveaway!)

Wearing: White Plum dress (get 20% off your purchase with code CARLY20), Forever 21 hat, Steve Madden booties (similar), Elise M Collection belt, Kohl's arm cuff, Vintage Etienne Aigner bag.

Today I was definitely feeling like dressing for the upcoming fall season when I put on this lovely fall colored dress from White Plum! It's still hot outside of course so I love that this dress looks fall but is sleeveless, definitely perfect for us gals who get excited for fall way too early, like me! This dress is also one of the best I've gotten in a while too, so I'll likely be wearing it a lot. It's such a beautiful color, and it's perfectly detailed around the neckline. I had so much fun accessorizing it too, as you can probably tell. Many brown tones were going on it my outfit today, including this new lovely little vintage Aigner bag I scored for $20 on eBay! I wore this outfit to work today, but honestly this dress is perfect to wear no matter where you go!

- - - - - -

Hey everyone, it's giveaway time (again!) and I am really looking forward to sharing this one with you all. I am so in love with White Plum and I know you all will be too, so today I'm hosting a giveaway from now until midnight on 9/19 to win a $50 store credit to White Plum, and onn 9/20 I will announce the lucky winner! Also, when you shop White Plum, from now until 9/19 you can receive 20% off your purchase when you use discount code CARLY20!

White Plum is a shop filled with cute items for all different styles. From their many vintage-inspired dresses to their various printed leggings, White Plum offers such a wide variety of pieces for every season! Founder Hilary Zwahlen started White Plum as a way to express her creativity, and this shop has been growing ever since. I can understand why too, I am absolutely in love with almost everything they have in store!

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Midnight Rambler

Wearing: Others Follow dress, Forever 21 hat, Kohl's cut-out booties, Forever 21 coin necklace, My Name Necklace personalized "Carly" necklace.

When I went to Atlanta, my suitcase consisted of band tees, cut-off shorts and boho pieces. This outfit in particular I wore on the way there, because it was comfy, cute and I didn't feel extremely hot wearing it, which was a main goal of mine! The dress is from Others Follow and is from their new fall 2014 collection, and I just love it so much because while the colors and print are very fall, the dress is mostly a sheer material, has thin straps and also still has that floral print going on, so it makes it perfect for transitioning into fall, especially when the fall prints are coming out but the temperatures are still scorching like they are here. With the dress I wore my cut-out booties from Kohl's, a layered coin necklace from Forever 21 and to bring out the color in the dress, my maroon colored hat from Forever 21. These pictures were actually taken at the hotel I was at also, they were doing a bit of reconstruction on the place which kinda sucked, but that also meant that part of the building looked really rustic and perfect for my pictures! Yay! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

September Inspiration!

Every month it seems like my inspiration posts are just photos of cute outfits, coffee, and New York City. I would be completely lying if I said those weren't truly the only things I cared about, though. I can't believe it's already the 6th of September and this is only my second post so far, but what's different from last month is that this month I now have two jobs to go to, and of course, still my online work, with a side of being a freelance photographer for extra cash. While my blog is main priority, and I'll still find a way to blog around 20x each month, I'm still trying to make enough money in the next two years to be able to support a move to NYC. I've been getting a little discouraged once again about my dreams, but of course I'm not going to give up. I think last night especially was a low point for me, I finally signed up for classes at my community college and just seeing that 3 classes there (which I do not want to take at all) were costing the price of the Gucci bag I would like to buy was a bit depressing, not gonna lie. All I'm saying here is that I'm terribly afraid of living the rest of my life in the same place, so I'm really trying to make sure that doesn't happen.

Anyways, this month I'm in love with being able to wear hosiery again, along with plaids, and pretty much every type of boot out there. I own so many pairs as it is but am still wanting more, both heeled and flat. When September rolls around I always automatically snap into this mindset of wanting this perfect fall, but in all honestly it doesn't become fall weather in Florida until December, and then it's time for winter. Oh well, I'll try my best to enjoy my imaginary Florida fall weather when the season officially starts, even if it does mean wearing my cute booties with shorts and sipping on the iced version of a pumpkin spice latte! Haha! 

Hope everyone is having a great start to their September! xx

Monday, September 1, 2014

Heart(s) On My Sleeve

Wearing: Lookbook Store heart print romper, Vienne Milano "Claudia" black pantyhose, thrifted vintage t-strap heels, Deux Lux bag.

Today was the first day all summer where I felt it was acceptable enough to wear pantyhose outside... thank the lord! I always love wearing hosiery as I think it can make an outfit so much cuter, but in the summer it's just way too hot for that. September is here which means nothing if you live in Florida like me, but I'm trying to put myself in the mindset of fall styles, and thinking up ideas of how I can wear fall pieces and dress like it's fall, except in almost 100 degree weather. I'm just gonna start leaning towards darker colors and outfits that look good for all year long, like this adorable little romper here from Lookbook Store. I'm not big on rompers because I feel like they look unflattering on me so I don't own many, but I just couldn't help myself with this one. I love the classic style of it with the white collar and cuffed sleeves, and the quirky, bold heart print makes it that much cuter! I paired it with my Vienne Milano pantyhose this time around, and I would like to mention how impressed I am with these pantyhose! I wore them to my concert the other day, and I definitely was rough with them, accidentally of course. I knew that when I left they'd be all torn apart, but they had a few minor snags, nothing major or noticeable at all. All pantyhose I've had in the past snag so easily that they're pretty much done for after one day of wear, so I will admit here that I'm officially done wearing any other brands of pantyhose except for these! Anyways, sorry for the super long text, but I'm just loving the clothes I'm wearing today! 

Kohl's Back to School Challenge #FINDYOURYES - Part III

*Post is sponsored by Kohl's and they have so kindly provided me with Kohl's gifts, however, all opinions are completely my own.*

This week I'm happy to be showing you all the last part of the three back-to-school posts, where I create three super cute outfits for under $100! Seems impossible I know, because I was so unsure of how I was about to put together three outfits for $100 when I went to my local Kohl's, and when I got to the register it rung up to being $110. The woman at the register told me to use this coupon on retailmenot, which brought it down to $88! On top of that, I also got $10 in Kohl's Cash which was like I saved even more! 

This challenge was a little tricky for me as not all of the pieces in the outfits are from Kohls, and some of them (the two pairs of shoes) were purchased for my second challenge. Each of these outfits are under $100, but the purchase I made for the actual outfits came out to being $88, and for that I got that super cute Brooklyn tee, the Pink Floyd tee (if you love band tees like I do always remember to check out the guys section!), both of the skirts, and the plaid tunic. Here's more photos from all of the outfits, and the prices from them all! 

- - - - 

Wearing: Kohl's "Brooklyn" Tee, Kohl's gray quilted-look skater skirt, Kohl's leopard print slip-on sneakers, Nila Anthony bag, ZeroUV sunglasses. 

A little about the outfit: Since this is still a back-to-school challenge, I'm still putting together outfits that I would wear to school. I was feeling an urban-girly vibe with this outfit, and while it is cute, it's also super comfy and a simple outfit as well which makes it perfect for school. I'm obsessed with cute graphic tees lately so I couldn't pass up this simple little "Brooklyn" tee...I love the lettering and it can be paired with anything!

Cost of outfit:


TOTAL: $64.97

Wearing: Kohl's tunic, Kohl's leggings, vintage Dooney & Bourke bag, thrifted boots, Target thigh-high socks.

A little about the outfit: I will admit that I went out and took photos of this outfit without actually wearing it yet, because it's still so hot still. When I bought this tunic I thought it was going to fit longer than it does, and I was originally wanting to wear it as a shirt dress. But, I just paired this light and comfy pair of workout leggings with it (as a substitute for black jeans) and I layered some thigh-high socks over and wore my boots. I definitely will be wearing it because it's such an adorable outfit in my opinion, and it's really making me wish fall weather was here already. After I took these photos, I went straight to get me a pumpkin (iced) coffee! 

Cost of outfit:


TOTAL: $34.98

Wearing: Kohl's Pink Floyd graphic tee, Kohl's skater skirt, thrifted Ralph Lauren denim shirt, Kohl's cut-out booties, Kohl's floral beanie (no longer available).

A little about the outfit: For this outfit, I had to get me another skater skirt from Kohl's, when I went in the store I saw so many cute fall skater skirts...they'll be so perfect for fall layering! I picked up this one along with the gray quilted-looking skirt in the first outfit, and I think I'll go back and get more, because they really had such a nice variety and they were all very inexpensive! These skirts are serious staple wardrobe pieces for me, I just hate wearing shorts and pants most of the time and don't always wanna wear a dress, so these are perfect! With this skirt I originally grabbed a loose fitting black tank top, but then I thought to look in the guys section, as I love me a good band tee. They had so many to pick from and all good shirts too, it was hard to decide! They had a Guns 'n' Roses shirt that I really liked but only in L and XL so I went with this Pink Floyd tee, I've been meaning to get a Pink Floyd tee lately anyways and I was really sold on this unique teal color, and so I decided to pair a more grungy look around it! 

Cost of outfit:


TOTAL: $109.97

This one was a bit of a "splurge" since it went outside the $100 limit, but Kohl's has tons of coupons all the time, so apply one of those and it'll definitely knock down that price like it did for me the other day. $110 down to $88? Sounds good to me! 

G I V E A W A Y:

Now for the best part of this whole post, the giveaway! Enter to win a $100 Kohl's giftcard in the Rafflecopter widget below! It's as easy as following me on Bloglovin', GFC and Instagram, as well as following Kohl's on Instagram as well! Contest starts 9/8 and ends 9/16. Winner will be chosen at random through Rafflecopter and will be announced and contacted on 9/17. Good luck everyone! 

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- - - -

While each of these outfits are each about $100, like I said the pieces I bought for the outfits themselves all came in at under $100. The shoes and accessories I looked at as extras...and of course not all of the items were from Kohl's. Through this style challenge I was really surprised, and I'll be honest, I'm a new-found lover of Kohl's! I've always thought it was a nice store with lovely clothing, but for some reason always got the vibe it was expensive in there, but now I'm finding I was totally wrong! They have such a large variety of cute clothes for junior girls and women (and of course men as well), and no matter what your style is, you're sure to find something you like. I shopped online for the last challenge but for this one I went in store, and had a much better experience, only because I saw many more things that I might've accidentally looked over on the website! Anyways, hoped you all enjoyed these style challenges! I sure had a lot of fun doing them and am so excited about my lovely new pieces that I'll be wearing all season long! Thanks for reading!

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