Saturday, September 13, 2014

September Wishlist!

september 14

This month I'm really wanting to focus on my favorite fall colors, which would be lots of beiges and tans, and of course, deep and bold reds, my absolute favorite! I usually tend not to wear too much red during the spring and summer months because most of the in style shades of red are very bright and borderline orange, rather than a bolder red. I've also been so obsessed with this style of Gucci bag as well, I actually like the vintage style of this bag from the 80s more than the new ones for some reason, and I also just won a bid on one today for $230 so you'll be seeing lots of outfits with the same Gucci bag this fall...but it's just such a classic bag and I've wanted one ever since I was little (yes I knew what Gucci was when I was 5 lol!) I'm really into sticking with simpler, more classic styles for these upcoming months, so why not wish for more striped tops and fit-and-flare skirts?

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  1. This wishlist is just divine! Everything on it is perfection x


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