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Tips and Ideas to Make This Homecoming Your Best Yet!

Out of my four years at high school, I only attended homecoming my senior year, and actually it was the only high school dance I went to! I never went to any of my proms, which my parents told me I would regret, but I have not regretted it, nor do I think I ever will. But I am glad I got to attend homecoming, because let's face it, it's just a funner dance! You don't need to worry about dates, or who's gonna ask you to go with them. You just go shopping for the cutest mini-dress, some killer heels, and go with your best gals! 

While my homecoming was quite a fun and without a doubt a very interesting experience, I won't go into too many details. All you need to know is I killed it in my super glam Faviana tutu-styled dress, and I felt honored when I got endless comments from girls (all in beautiful dresses themselves!) about how I had the best dress and was best dressed at homecoming. At that time I didn't know I'd go on to get the senior superlative for best dressed in my class, but that's another story. I'm here to give you some tips on what to wear for homecoming featuring two beautiful dresses from Chi Chi and Fame + Partners, and how to make this your best homecoming yet! 

(left dress: Fame + Partners, right dress: Chi Chi)

Tip #1: Think one step ahead with either the popular trends, or what style you're wanting to go for. A lot of girls start out saying they want to look like a princess with one of those girly, sparkly fit-and-flare homecoming dresses with all the tulle. I know that's what I wanted, and so did all of my friends. While most girls who attend my homecoming this past year I noticed had dresses more on the casual side (I'm assuming because of cost reasons), my dress was gifted to me from Faviana, and I'm still thanking them in my mind because in my opinion that's definitely the prettiest dress I've ever worn! While the wrong color choice accidentally got sent to me, I ended up liking it better...which leads me to my second tip...

Tip #2: Step out of your comfort zone! Like I said, with the dress I requested from Faviana, I asked for it in the light pink color, but was sent the black and white option. I didn't get to try on dresses since it was online, but most girls go shopping in person for a homecoming dress. While viewing on Faviana's website, the black and white was my least favorite option, so I was slightly disappointed when I received that one. But, when I tried it on, I found that I liked it way better! It put me in the mind of Natalie Portman's costume in Black Swan and it just fit my skin tone so much better. My point here is, don't just look at a dress and judge it instantly. Try something you don't think you would like on, you'd be surprised how fast you can change your mind about things! 

Tip #3: If your dress isn't making the statement, make sure your heels do. If you're dress is big and colorful, stick with a patent nude or black option with your heels. But, you're dress is solid colored and not too much already, I say go for it and buy some extravagant heels! You may never wear them again depending on what your normal style is, so if you don't think you will, just buy a pair on the cheaper side for the night. Make sure you wear them around a few days before though so you can break them in, but not the day before, because there may or may not be blisters involved in the process that will need to heal! 

Tip #4: If you're aiming to have a stunning yet beautiful dress for homecoming, just stick with a traditional style and color. There's no better go-to option than a if that's what you feel most comfortable with, go for it! I will personally admit that I love to be daring and it's such a great feeling to stand out amongst the crowd with whatever I'm wearing, but I can totally understand if any girls out there just want to look beautiful without worrying that they're overdoing it. My only recommendation here is that if you're buying a simpler style dress, make sure it's made of a chiffon material and not of plain ol' cotton...I saw way too many of those at my homecoming. It's a semi-formal dance, and I feel that cotton bodycons and skater dresses are just a tad too casual. Lastly, if you're sticking with the simpler dress style, make sure to glam it up with some accessories! Whether it be a big statement necklace or maybe even just a classic strand of pearls, there are so many lovely options that are perfect for simpler dresses!

My favorite homecoming dresses this season:

Heels that will look perfect for homecoming night:

To finish your look off with accessories, I recommend these:

- - - -
Here's what I wore:


Wearing: Fame & Partners dress (already sold out, but here's a similar dress), Nina heels, Vintage Louis Vuitton via Mara Vintage Shop bag, Rue 21 statement necklace.

Recently the wonderful shop Fame & Partners gifted me this beautiful pale pink backless dress, and while I am no longer in school, if I had another homecoming to attend, this would definitely be one of my options. I love the simplicity of this dress and how feminine it is, and not to mention the cut of it is just perfect. I kept a classic look with it and wore my black Nina heels and carried my vintage Louis Vuitton bag. I used to get paranoid and weird about wearing any sort of black shoes while carrying this bag because of the strange black/brown combo which I usually don't think matches well, but I had to just face the facts and realize that this bag is a classic, and it matches everything. I felt so glam and girly in this outfit, and it's all thanks to that beautiful Fame & Partners dress! If you girls are still looking to buy a unique, stunning dress for homecoming, I definitely recommend you all check out the homecoming dresses from Fame & Partners. So many various styles of dresses from modern to classic, but they still manage to pull off a look that will be wearable and still in style in a few years from now.


Wearing: Chi Chi dress, Nina clutch, Forever 21 earrings, Monet heels. 

Another style I love for a homecoming dress this Fall season are beautiful brocade dresses like this one from Chi Chi. Whats so lovely about this one is that the brocade print isn't printed on the dress, but is embroidered onto this tulle overlay, which creates this glam, fancy look...perfect for a gal who's looking to stand out at homecoming! For this look, I went with my usual makeup and hair because I am not skilled enough with either of the two to create those sleek updos and smokey eyes, but I'm okay with it so I usually just switch up what shade of lipstick I put on to change my "look", haha! But with this dress I wore a darker, plum colored shade of lipstick to go with the more baroque look of this dress, which ever since 2012 I have not yet been able to get over.



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