Monday, November 3, 2014

Classic Pieces + Quirky Prints

Wearing: Olive Clothes cat cardigan and fit-and-flare skirt, Target heels (old), Vienne Milano hosiery, Forever 21 hat (old).

The boutique I work for, Olive Clothes, has so many adorable clothes that I just love, like this super cute cat cardigan, and this lovely red pleated fit-and-flare skirt! I felt very "me" in this outfit, so I just had to buy these lovely clothes! Olive was a boutique in Jacksonville, but just last week they closed and launched their online boutique, where they'll be selling clothes and accessories from now on. They sell for women and teens, varying from many different designers, and many styles as well. Whether you've got a classic, bohemian, modern, or quirky style, there are so many options for everything! They've got so many cute scarves, cardigans, and other different items for fall...I'm tellin' ya it's getting real hard to go to work anymore when I'm surrounded by so many lovely clothes that I want to buy! I also did a little bit of modeling for their site as well, so you all can go check that out here as well! I will admit, I'm also modeling some pretty cute clothes and accessories, like this skirt and sweater, so you all will probably want to do some major shopping! ;) 
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