Sunday, November 2, 2014

Review: October Favorites

Lately I've been asked if I wanted to review some items other than clothes, and while I of course wanted to, I didn't know how to incorporate it into my blog, so for the month of October I put together a little review post! All of these items are courtesy of, and my personal reviews about everything in this post are completely honest!

1. Redken Body Full Shampoo + Conditioner

This shampoo came from the lovely people over at, and I'm going to go ahead and say that this shampoo you can't buy anywhere, and Hairtrade has the best deals on this more pricey shampoo, so I recommend purchasing it from them if you're in the UK! It may not look like it from my photos, but I have thin and flat hair, and I guess that's why I curl it and hairspray it to death almost daily. Keeping my hair all one length and very long helps in making it look fuller for me, but that still doesn't help much. I thought I'd give this shampoo + conditioner from Redken a shot, and although I wasn't expecting much of a difference from it, it really did wonders on my hair. I wash my hair daily also, and I know that isn't good for your hair but I use hairspray everyday and it's a gross sight the next day when I sleep on my hair-sprayed curls, so yes I do wash it daily! But this shampoo + conditioner made my hair feel a lot thicker, and I could wear my hair natural (it's naturally messy-straight) just fine without adding any product for volume. I just bought 2 big 33 oz bottles of this shampoo, and I have no regrets about the price because it is so good, and if you're in the same situation as me, Redken is a great brand and this product is especially amazing, so I recommend you get your hands on some also!

2. On The Dot The Perfect Spot

No girl likes thinking about that time of the month, but it's something we all have to deal with, so I think it's important that we give our best efforts to make it as pleasant as we possibly can, lol! For me, that's been this cute little dispenser called On The Dot The Perfect Spot. It's so compact and comes in three different designs, and I just loved this red and black one! Instead of having tampon and pad/liner boxes or bags laying around, you can just get one of these discreet little dispensers to stick in your bathroom! It's so small and cute, but it really holds so much inside! When you pull the little butterfly at the top, the compartments pull out, which consists of a top compartment for tampons, and the bottom section which is best for pads and liners. Also, this adorable little organizer makes the perfect gift for any gal pal - it may seem like a weird thing to give someone, but it's not. I promise. She'll love you so much for it! It's so organized, simple, cute, and most importantly, inexpensive!

3. Glam Screen Mirrored Screen Protector

The Glam Screen by Jonathan Cheban is such an awesome alternative to just a regular screen protector, it's a screen protector that doubles as a mirror! In my opinion it's such a necessary thing for every girl to have on her phone, because we all need to look in the mirror every once in a while right? Its also way better than carrying around a compact mirror, because it's on your phone! We all can admit that we have our phones with us at all times, so it's really handy and protects your screen as well! The selfie ring is also such a neat little addition for your phone, as you can just put your fingers right in there and it helps with keeping your phone in your hand and extending your phone just a little further, rather than having a super tight shot of just your face. I don't know about anyone else but that's what I dislike about selfies sometimes! Both of these items are inexpensive and are great as gifts as well! 

4. Influenster Dean's List VoxBox

Okay, so this wasn't necessarily personally "gifted" to me, but given through Influenster. Firstly, if you love trying new products and you're on social media, you need to go sign up for Influenster. It's a fun site where you can connect your social media accounts and blogs/vlogs, and you can sign up to review products, and once you review them, you submit them on the site to get points! I signed up and got this Dean's List VoxBox here, and I was so happy and surprised at the items I got in it! Everything that was in my box are useful in my daily life and things I'd want to try, so I'm excited! It also came with some really delicious airheads bites, but I already ate them (oops!), but in my opinion they were way better than regular airheads, that candy is usually just too chewy and soft for me. Anyways, I will note that I was pleasantly shocked to see that they got my foundation color spot on, it matched my skin perfectly and it's a full size tube so that's so exciting, as foundation can get pricey! Very happy with all the products here, and the Influenster site as a whole! 



  1. Great favorites! I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin and GFC, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks !

    Camille xo

  2. Those phone extras are such cute ideas! I've never heard of selfie rings before. Love them x


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