Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sophisticated Statements

Wearing: Chi Chi London blazer, Hybrid faux leather dress, Wolford pantyhose, Thrifted heels, vintage Gucci bag, Michael Kors watch, Coco & Marie NY state necklace.

I'm officially ready for Christmas and my style is starting to say the same. I've been really loving classic pieces again, like this gorgeous pair of seam back pantyhose from Wolford. They are perfect for a sophisticated and subtly sexy look, and look especially classy when paired with a LBD! 

As for my blazer from Chi Chi London, it was very cute on the website and I love the patterns, but unfortunately it just was a little roomy on me and not very well structured. Maybe I'm very picky for it, but when I wear blazers I like them to have a good structure, almost slightly stiff, never cardigan-like and thin. The dress I wore it with, this faux leather dress from Hybrid, was another unfortunate piece for me. It is so cute and I felt fabulous in it, but it was very loud (due to the lining underneath) and it had an awful smell. I think it's only fair that from my experience lately I warn you all to not buy faux leather online! It's most of the time very cheaply made (well, if you are on a budget like me and buy cheap clothes it will probably be cheaply made) and it will have a garbage-bag texture mixed with the smell of fish. It's disgusting, I know. This dress I had to spray down and hang outside to air out for a few weeks, and it was okay after that, but I've got other items that I've gotten recently that still smell disgusting. So, just thought I would be honest and put that out there for you all. I wore all of these things in my outfit though because I thought I'd at least give them a shot since they were cute, but there are so many other problems going on with them that it doesn't matter how cute they are.

Anyways, hope you all have a great week! :)



  1. Love that dress!

  2. Thanks for the warning! A lot of times, it also depends on the website you get it from. I love the look despite how it was when you got it!

    Theatricality by Mariah

  3. Wow very high end stuff, worth it if you end up looking as good as this!

  4. Gorgeous outfit!! I especially love the shoes! x

  5. Lovely outfit, loving that burgundy skirt.

    Eea P


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