Saturday, February 28, 2015

Comfy, Easy, + Cute: Dresses With Tall Boots

Like you all probably know, I've had quite a big obsession lately with pairing dresses and tall boots together for an easy and cute boho-inspired look! While this look is seen often, I don't feel like it's been touched on much in the blogger world, and I just feel the need to share, because it's such an easy  cute, and cheap look, which is perfect for stylish college girls who are trying to achieve a well put-together outfit on a low budget, like me! Here's a few tips on styling this pairing, along with a few reasons why I think it's so amazing:

Firstly, a dress and boots creates an effortless boho look. Boho style has been in style for quite a while now, and I've been a lover of all things boho for years now, so if there's an easy way to put together a quick look around one of my favorite styles, I'm on it. For my dress + boots outfits like the ones in this post, I start with my trusty ol' brown boots that I once thrifted and I now wear ALL the time, find a dress that looks cute with my boots (usually a skater dress), pick out some socks that will look best with said dress, and then I find some kind of sweater/poncho to throw over my dress! I add on scarves, hats, necklaces, as many accessories as I can to create that cozy layered look that I'm aiming to achieve with these outfits. 

The process of putting together an outfit like this takes all of 5 minutes, and when I'm wearing an outfit like this, I'm usually leaving the house with very minimal makeup on, and my natural wavy/straight hair. It fits the look of the outfit to keep your hair and makeup as natural as possible, and I always end up leaving the house feeling a bit Misty Day from AHS Coven inspired, which is a great feeling, because I always thought her character had such great style! 

Another thing that's so great about wearing dresses with tall boots is how easily this pairing can be transitioned between seasons. Fall, Winter, Spring, even Summer - you can switch up color schemes, and instead of wearing sweaters over dresses, you can pair a lightweight summer dress with a thin kimono for a breezy outfit. I've never been to any festivals, but if I ever go to one, I'll probably end up wearing a variation of this pairing, walking through mud and dirt on a hot summer day just screams for the pairing of boots and a light dress! 

I could go on and on about why I love this pairing so much, but I'll just stop here for now! For all of you gals looking to rock this look ASAP whether it be on campus or on your next coffee date, I've got some cute (+ cheap!) dresses and accessories that I'll link here. Nothing is over $50, so I promise a little browsing will be worth your time, even if you don't have much to spend! 





  1. I love the outfits!! creates the perfect Misty Day look :)

  2. Each and every one of these outfits is amazing! I love the boho look! Boots are the perfect compliment to that style.

  3. You look wonderful with all three dress outfits, Carly. I certainly find riding boots to be truly charming boots to wear, so I'm pleased seeing these being worn. My favorite dress is perhaps the floral dress. It also happens to be my favorite outfit of the three, though I do also love the magenta lace dress. I like the handbag to the first outfit. Your face, smile, and hairstyle are all pretty with all of your outfits.


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