Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sequin Statements

Wearing: Little Mistress dress, Nina Shoes heels, Vintage Louis Vuitton bag, Essence Cosmetics makeup. 

It's just guaranteed to be a good day filled with compliments every time I dress up in a beautiful Little Mistress dress! This dress was of course no different, I'm so obsessed with the color and sequined floral details! I have this weird love for navy and gold dresses, and I don't know why that's so but I have quite a few of them. Such lovely colors together and that is clearly apparent on this gorgeous dress! 


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stripes + Anchors

I'm wearing: Synergy Clothing striped tank, Forever 21 boyfriend shorts, Love Culture shoes, Elise M Collection bracelets, Forever 21 hat. // Coco's wearing: Penn + Pooch anchor tank.

So, it seems my dog is officially a fashion blogger. Coco always makes little appearances on my Instagram, and if you didn't know, you'd think I was a dog person by how much I talk about her and spend time with her! She is so sweet and has the cutest personality, and ever since I got her about two years ago, she's become my little best friend! Of course, ever since I got her I started dressing her up also, and she loves it! I bought her cute little dresses when she was a puppy and she unfortunately grew out of those, but I found that she just likes to lounge around in her pink pajamas and also her favorite ladybug sweater in the winter!

I was so happy when Penn + Pooch came across her photos on my Instagram and wanted to gift her a little shirt from their adorable collection of pet clothes! She's been needing a little t-shirt to wear during the summer, and we both fell in love with this anchor print tank! She's been wearing it everywhere now and its the perfect lightweight tank top! I would say she wears it when we go for walks, but she is such a little diva that she won't go for a walk unless I carry her the whole way! 


Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring / Summer 2015 Shoe Wishlist

spring 2015 shoes

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 

It's been quite some time since I last made a wishlist and I completely forgot how fun it is to make them! Here are some shoes I've been loving lately, and they're all under $180! Right now, I'm more into flat shoes than ever since summer is here and I need something comfy but still cute to wear to work and my classes. More specifically, I love metallic colored sandals like the gold pair above from Forever 21, they're so simple and chic! I'm also obsessed with a good white shoe like the Dr. Martens pair above from Union Jack Boots, which are so sturdy and versatile for casual spring and summer outfits! As for heeled shoes, I'm loving wooden-heeled clog style sandals, they are so 70s and look super comfy for a heeled sandal! Another fave of mine this season are mules, they are such a versatile shoe and I want a pair in every color imaginable! Versatile shoes are all that's been on my mind when shopping lately and I think it's so important that every person has their one go-to shoe, so hopefully along with this being a wishlist, maybe it can help anyone who needs it as a guide to buying their next spring shoes! 


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Quirky Sailboats + Synergy Organic Clothing Giveaway!

Wearing: Synergy Clothing sailboat dress, Nasty Gal sandals, Target hat, Thrifted bag, ZeroUV sunglasses, Chloe + Isabel earrings via Lisa Lopez.

Happy Earth Day everyone! Today I'm being Earth friendly in a fashionable way by wearing this adorable little quirky sailboat dress, which is made of all organic materials! Some people would be surprised at the fact that clothes can be considered pollution as well, so I'm trying to make my own efforts to reduce that by wearing organic clothing!

 This beautiful and comfy dress is from Synergy Organic Clothing, and they have a whole collection of other beautiful clothes that are perfect for spring and summer adventuring! Organic materials also makes for quite the soft and comfortable outfit, and this dress was so light which will be perfect for these hot days! With my dress I'm wearing some gorgeous earrings from Lisa Lopez's Chloe + Isabel boutique! She has a wonderful collection of beautiful jewelry in all different styles, so I suggest you check her boutique out and shop her lovely pieces! 

ALSO -- Since I love Synergy's clothes and their Earth-friendly approach to fashion so much, I'm saying happy Earth day to you lovely readers by offering a giveaway from Synergy! The giveaway will run for 1 week and is US only. There will be one winner who will be able to choose an item of their choice from Synergy's site! To enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter form and let me know in the comments which item from the site you would like to win! Good luck everyone! :)

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pretty in Pansies

Big floral dresses are so much fun, and this dress from Chi Chi Clothing is truly magical! Actually, every dress I've ever received from them was, and they're dresses I'll never let go of! This colorful number has a pansy print and a big midi fit-and-flare style, which is perfect for getting all dressed up for spring and summer events! Unfortunately, though, I completely melted in this Florida heat within 15 mins of going out to take my pictures! 

Along with this dress I wore some big sparkly earrings with a glam cuff also! I love classic, sparkly jewels more than any other type of jewelry in this world, as they are so versatile and can easy add a glam and expensive look to any outfit! I recently discovered Rachel Marie Designs, and her jewelry is all so classic and a bit vintage-inspired which will make your outfit look expensive without the big price tag! Her jewelry is so inexpensive and all so gorgeous, I just want all of it! I went with this lovely pair of earrings though, they make the perfect statement along with extravagant dresses like this one!


LBD Meets Boho Chic

Beautysets - boho lbd

 I love a classic LBD, and usually when you think of an LBD, you think of a chic Audrey Hepburn look. However, I am all about trying new styles and finding new ways to wear something, so I put together this little style board on Daily Look around this fringed LBD! They have a whole collection of beautiful LBDs on their site, but the fringe detailing just really caught my eye!

This would be the perfect festival look and this dress can easily be styled as either a daytime or nighttime look! This dress would look amazing paired with heeled clogs, a bucket bag, a vest, and lots of gold layered rings! I love this LBD because while you can style it this way, you can style it so many other ways to achieve different looks both casual and more dressed up! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Southern Belle

Wearing: Shabby Apple dress, Nina Originals sandals, Thrifted hat + bag, Elise M Collection bracelet. 

It's been quite sometime since I felt so pretty in a dress! I feel like my style in this outfit really shows my sort of "statement" style, the look I had when I first started blogging! It has a more southern belle, vintage-inspired feel about it, and it's a wonderful style to have for the spring and summer months. Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel like I've worn anything like this in a while, but it sure feels great to be rocking my straw hats and pretty vintage-inspired frocks again!

This beautiful gingham dress from Shabby Apple has such lovely colors in it, and it's modest style and tie neckline gives it just the perfect amount of vintage. Shabby Apple is without a doubt one of my favorite shops, because they always have such beautiful clothes that are vintage-inspired and one of a kind. Everything I get from there is of such amazing quality, and I don't feel like I'm giving into another trend, but rather I'm adding a classic, timeless piece to my wardrobe that I'll be in love with for years to come! 

With this lovely dress, I just knew I had to pair it with my equally as gorgeous shoes, so I wore my patent navy Nina Originals t-strap sandals! I told y'all, these shoes are going to pop up in every outfit you see on my blog this spring and summer! I also wore my thrifted straw bag and hat, along with a light pinkish beige beaded bracelet from Elise M. Collection. Unfortunately, I couldn't take anymore pictures than whats shown here, but lately I've been faced with quite a few scary people who I'm afraid are trying to rob or harm me while I'm shooting my outfits, so I had to cut the photo sesh a bit short. I am thankful that I did at least get these two nice photos, and that I'm okay! 


Friday, April 17, 2015

Penny Lane

Wearing: Forever 21 dress, Thrifted crochet vest + vintage bag, Not Rated strappy sandals, Elise M Collection stone necklace, cuff bracelet + chunky ring

Crochet knits and bell sleeves are such an amazing combo for spring and summer outfits and it's definitely a trend I'll be following for a while. This bohemian dress and crochet vest looked so cute paired together and looked even better once I accessorized! I put on some really cute scrappy sandals from Not Rated, they are so wonderfully detailed with straps and buckles, and look perfect with any rustic or boho outfit. I carried along my vintage 70s handbag that I thrifted for only $10 the other day, and while it has water spots on the leather along with cuts and wear on the strap, I couldn't pass it up due to its lovely floral and butterfly print and also because it's just such an authentic 70s piece. My jewelry for this outfit all came from the Elise M. Collection spring/summer line, and the turquoise stone details along with the rustic gold hardwares are just the perfect additions to my spring and summer wardrobe.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lace + Leisure

Wearing: Paper Dolls via Little Mistress yellow lace overlay dress + patent nude mules, Under One Sky white floral bag, Michael Kors watch.

I've been making some efforts to glam up my summer wardrobe lately, and this dress has definitely added to that! I usually don't wear bodycon dresses because they make me feel extremely self conscious, but this pale yellow lace overlay dress from the Paper Dolls line on Little Mistress made me feel so confident as it turned out to be such a flattering bodycon dress! It is perfect for the hot spring and summer dress and can be easily glammed up for any daytime events. Usually during the hotter months I'm trying not to even think about clothes, but this dress has me thinking differently. It also looked so adorable paired with these patent nude mules from the Paper Dolls line as well. They are another great versatile spring and summer sandal and can be worn with pretty much anything! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The 1970's: Style and Music Inspiration for This Season's Best Trend

It's no surprise that the 70s are back in fashion, especially since festival season is almost here. Suede, fringe, crochet tops, culottes, I could go on and on listing all of the amazing clothing trends of the 70s decade that we're revisiting now. While I feel that style has come to a point where anything goes and that people can wear any decades fashions at any time and it's perfectly in style, I still love when a specific decade is highlighted as being the most popular during a certain time, like the 70s right now. It's my favorite decade and the music from that time is without a doubt my specialty, so I put together a playlist of my favorite songs from the 70s. It's a long playlist, but it's gives off a great feeling of going on an old road trip, which I love so much. 
It may sounds silly, but I feel more connected to the 70s than I do this decade. Everything just seemed so much better, and I think I would've felt more connected to the world if I was a teenager then. But, perhaps I wouldn't have appreciated it as much because I would've been so used to it, just like how I don't appreciate today's culture. I guess it doesn't matter anyhow though, because I'm going to always appreciate and embrace the styles of the 70s, regardless of whats happening in the current world around me. Let these images and songs inspire your inner 70s babe or bohemian goddess, too! 


Monday, April 13, 2015

Peplum + Pops of Color

Wearing: Blue Vanilla top, H&M skirt, Call It Spring pumps, XOXO bag, ZeroUV sunglasses. 

I know its kind of weird, but I've actually never owned a peplum anything until this lovely little off-the-shoulder floral top from Blue Vanilla came into my life! It looked so adorable paired with a lace detail mini skirt from H&M and my little pops of red in my pumps and lipstick! This top is not only cute but also extremely flattering, I felt so pretty in it so it may just become one of my favorite go-to spring tops! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Making Formal Fun + $50 AMI Clubwear Giveaway!

Wearing: AMI Clubwear dress, XOXO faux leather bag, Boohoo heels, Lookbook Store longline blazer.

Prom season is almost here, and for some it's already here, and today I have a little bit to say on the topic. I think prom is a fun experience, but for you readers that are still in high school and have prom coming up, listen up... prom isn't what you think it is! Too many girls worry about finding that perfect dress and about who's going to ask them and how, plans for prom, what they're gonna do before/after, and so on. Honestly, none of that matters! I made the decision not to go to my prom, and I haven't had one regret about that, but I'm not saying don't go to prom all together. I say, get with your best friends, buy a super cute party dress, and just go and have fun! Prom is a formal event, but those rules don't apply anymore. Short dress, long dress, casual maxis, doesn't matter. As long as you feel good, your appearance will reflect that. Maybe I say this because I'm not the most traditional person out there, but prom isn't like the movies, and you don't need to stress out about a date, or about having the most extravagant and expensive prom dress. I think this applies for all school formals also. 

With that being said, my dress today is something I feel fabulous in and would totally wear to a formal event. I would wear it a bit differently, I'd take away the jacket and wear some patent heels and do my hair/makeup differently, but that's another awesome thing about going for a more casual dress option, you're not stuck with that $300 dress in your closet that you only wore once! With a more casual dress, it's kind of like you just bought a new dress for your spring wardrobe, and you can style it however you like for shopping dates, going to brunch, summer parties, etc. This is why I love AMI Clubwear's prom collection - it's all dresses that are amazing prices and not only perfect for prom, but are great for other events as well. They have an awesome collection of more formal dresses and more casual pieces for prom, it's a wonderful mix of different styles to suit everyone's tastes.


ALSO - I'm offering a great giveaway for you to win a $50 gift card to shop AMI Clubwear! This giveaway starts today and runs for two weeks until 04/24. Giveaway is open to US readers only and there will only be one winner!

It's so easy to enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter below to gain more entries, visit AMI Clubwear's site, and let me know in the comments what your favorite item is from the store! 

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Delicate Knits and Rugged Cutoffs

Wearing: Knit top c/o Others Follow (similar), Thrifted shorts (similar), leather belt c/o Elise M Collections (also comes in black), Steve Madden booties (old) Forever 21 hat.

My outfit today was so easy and in my opinion looked a bit western with the huge hat and belt buckle! I've also never brought a prop to use in my outfit pics, but today I just had to take pictures with this awesome crochet blanket I found at my grandma's house! Not only is it gorgeous but I thought it helped bring out this cute knit top and it's lovely lace details from Others Follow! I've been on the hunt a crochet blanket for forever now and usually I turn them all down because I don't like the colors or design. Oddly enough I found one with a cute chevron pattern and the PERFECT 70s color scheme at where else but my grandma's house?! I should've looked there first I guess! 


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Into Style: Budget-Friendly Outfit Ideas For Every Girl's Wardrobe!

I'm all about finding the right deals for the season's cutest trends, and today I'm posting some outfit ideas for every girl's style, all at wallet-friendly prices. Whether you're girly, boho, or love vintage styles, I've got just the perfect simple but cute looks at great prices for you to add to your wardrobe this spring!

Wearing: Varsity top c/o Fevrie (only $31!), Nasty Gal faux leather shorts, White sneakers c/o Sperry, Faux leather backpack c/o Kohl's, Zero UV sunglasses.

Sporty can be chic when mixing in faux leathers to give simple staples like shorts and backpacks a fashionable twist. White sneakers are also the perfect shoe for any style right now, they're so versatile and comfy, so no matter your style, I say they are a must have for every girl. 

Wearing: Thrifted gingham top + knit cardigan, Forever 21 skirt, Colorblock bag c/o Handbag Heaven (only $37.46!), White printed sneakers c/o Keds (only $55!), Zero UV sunglasses.

When the weather starts to warm up and I want to go for a more girly look, I always try to go for preppy styles, like sleeveless button-ups that are easy to tie in the front and look perfect with fit and flare skirts. I felt especially like Charlotte from Sex and the City in this outfit, with the high pony, white sneakers, and colorful cardigan. 

Wearing: Forever 21 top, bralette, hat, + tote, ASOS denim, AMI Clubwear sandals, Zero UV sunglasses.

Simple outfits are so cute and easy, you can just throw together your favorite essentials in more monochrome and natural color schemes to get a perfected minimal look. This light wash jeans from ASOS are my favorite pair right now, and I especially love wearing them with heeled sandals for a casual and chic look.

Wearing: Thrifted heels, hat + skirt, Vintage Louis Vuitton bag via Mara Vintage Shop, Graphic sweater c/o Poppy Lux, Zero UV sunglasses.

My love of style originated from being obsessed with vintage and vintage-inspired styles, and while my appreciation for fashion has expanded to enjoying modern styles and trends as well, I still like wear quirky little vintage-inspired outfits from time to time. I own at least 10 pairs of kitten heels, they dress every outfit up and they're so comfy! Pairing some with a midi fit-and-flare and graphic pullover gives a nod to vintage style while still keeping things modern and fresh.

Wearing: Forever 21 crop top, lace bell bottoms + hat, Fringe bag c/o T-Shirt & Jeans, Thrifted belt, Metallic tattoos c/o Hot Jewels.  

I love dressing all sorts of different ways, but my inner style is of a true bohemian goddess! I live for bands like the Rolling Stones, so I have my fair share of rock 'n' roll shirts, which I wear 90% of the time. I pair them with bell bottoms and many gold and fringe accessories to try to recreate that authentic boho style. 

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