Sunday, April 5, 2015

5 Minute DIY: Metallic Tattoo Decorated Candle Jar

Hi everyone! It's been such a long time since I last did a DIY on my blog, but the truth is, DIY projects usually aren't a strong skill of mine. However, I did think of something quite simple and fun to DIY in only 5 minutes, which is decorating candle jars with metallic tattoos!

What you'll need:

Candle Jar
Metallic Tattoos
Damp Washcloth

Okay so first, you're going to need to get your clean jar out. I like to reuse old candle jars, so I just got my old dirty candle jar and cleaned it out, which is super easy as well. To do this, turn on the stove top to high heat and just hold your candle over it until the wax melts, and then pour it out into a trash bag, and take a fork or something similar to get out the wick holders at the bottom. Use paper towels to wipe out any wax still in the jar, and then wash it out with some water and you should be good to go!

Depending on the size of your jar, the metallic tattoos may not cover the entire jar. That is what happened with this jar, but I was totally okay with it, and I just keep the empty part of the jar faced towards to back. Take your scissors and cut out some tattoos that you want to place on the jar, and smooth them across your jar and secure the ends with tape. Take your damp washcloth and gently wipe across the back of the tattoos for about 45 seconds, and your tattoos will be on your jar! 

The metallic tattoos I used were Hot Jewels, and I promise you, they are very sturdy and will stick to your jar. I wore a few on my skin and when I decided to remove them, they were so difficult to take off that they left burns on my skin. So, unless you're a metallic tattoo lover and you plan to wear them until they come off on their own, I don't know if I recommend wearing these on your skin. But, I did find this amazing alternative use for them, and I'm so happy I did! I'm going to decorate ALL the jars now! 

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY, thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts and if you've tried this in the comments! 



  1. loved this! where did you get the metallic tattoos from? was it something like eBay/ amazon?

  2. I love this idea! I use old candle jars for my makeup brushes anyways, so this would be a good way to make them even cuter!

  3. Just discovered your blog, one of my new favourites! I love this DIY, so clever.

    Esme |


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