Friday, April 10, 2015

Making Formal Fun + $50 AMI Clubwear Giveaway!

Wearing: AMI Clubwear dress, XOXO faux leather bag, Boohoo heels, Lookbook Store longline blazer.

Prom season is almost here, and for some it's already here, and today I have a little bit to say on the topic. I think prom is a fun experience, but for you readers that are still in high school and have prom coming up, listen up... prom isn't what you think it is! Too many girls worry about finding that perfect dress and about who's going to ask them and how, plans for prom, what they're gonna do before/after, and so on. Honestly, none of that matters! I made the decision not to go to my prom, and I haven't had one regret about that, but I'm not saying don't go to prom all together. I say, get with your best friends, buy a super cute party dress, and just go and have fun! Prom is a formal event, but those rules don't apply anymore. Short dress, long dress, casual maxis, doesn't matter. As long as you feel good, your appearance will reflect that. Maybe I say this because I'm not the most traditional person out there, but prom isn't like the movies, and you don't need to stress out about a date, or about having the most extravagant and expensive prom dress. I think this applies for all school formals also. 

With that being said, my dress today is something I feel fabulous in and would totally wear to a formal event. I would wear it a bit differently, I'd take away the jacket and wear some patent heels and do my hair/makeup differently, but that's another awesome thing about going for a more casual dress option, you're not stuck with that $300 dress in your closet that you only wore once! With a more casual dress, it's kind of like you just bought a new dress for your spring wardrobe, and you can style it however you like for shopping dates, going to brunch, summer parties, etc. This is why I love AMI Clubwear's prom collection - it's all dresses that are amazing prices and not only perfect for prom, but are great for other events as well. They have an awesome collection of more formal dresses and more casual pieces for prom, it's a wonderful mix of different styles to suit everyone's tastes.


ALSO - I'm offering a great giveaway for you to win a $50 gift card to shop AMI Clubwear! This giveaway starts today and runs for two weeks until 04/24. Giveaway is open to US readers only and there will only be one winner!

It's so easy to enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter below to gain more entries, visit AMI Clubwear's site, and let me know in the comments what your favorite item is from the store! 

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  1. I don't think I have a favorite item because they have so many things I like, but I really like their shoes, and right now I want this pair

  2. I really love this dress you're wearing. It's simple but the extra detailing on the bodice makes it special. There are so many cute things on their site but I really like these cork wedges right now:

    Jamie |

  3. Beautiful dress and pumps. The blazer is very nice as well. Classic Carly charm.

  4. I love the way you styled this, very glam! I also enjoyed what you had to say about prom, and I think those things are very important to consider.

  5. Carly, your blog is on point at the minute! Your photography is great and so are your outfits x

  6. You look fantastic, super chic and stylish! I love your dress so much. :)

    Maë from


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  9. Fashionably fabulous here! I adore the dress and the pumps. Cool sunglasses and lovely hair.

  10. Loving their maxi dress collection, especially the "coral floral crochet maxi dress". Good luck, everyone!


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