Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Classic Styles -- Modern Cuts

I've been staying away from too many prints and colors and keeping it simple lately. I think this looks so much better and it's a reflection of how my style is evolving. I'm focusing more on the clothes themselves to stand out rather than the prints and colors on the clothes, and it's overall a more mature style for the more mature person I can feel myself becoming. 

Talking on the outfit, I just absolutely adore this pairing and just sitting on those steps to take those photos, I got endless compliments from people just passing by. This off-the-shoulder top from Target is the type of style I've been looking for lately, and I'm so glad I held off for a while and purchased this specific top. It looks amazing with just about everything, and it can be dressed up or down. Here I dressed it up with my Little Mistress floral skirt which is flirty and fun but still keeps a sophisticated look. 

While I'm still speaking on my look, I also have to give some praise to Irresistible Me and their lovely hair extensions! I'm usually not the kind of girl to spend more than 30 minutes on my hair and makeup, but lately I've been experimenting a bit more and spending a bit more time in front of the mirror every morning. It may not look like it from my photos but I have rather thin hair, so I thought it would be great to try out some extensions. I was nervous about them looking obviously fake or that they would fall out or that my tracks would show since my hair is so thin, but these extensions from Irresistible Me have been absolutely perfect in every way! They match my hair color perfectly, they look natural, and most importantly, they make me feel a lot better about my thin hair. It is important to me to feel good about myself, and while I wouldn't go do anything extreme to change my appearance, it's fun to play around a bit with new things such as these extensions. 


Wearing: Target top, Little Mistress / Paper Dolls skirt + heels, Michael Kors bag + watch, Happiness Boutique necklace, Irresistible Me hair extensions.  


  1. You are my inspirition! ♥

    xoxo, Sofia Pinto
    Morning Dreams | Facebook | Instagram

  2. This look is so classic and beautiful! I love seeing how your style evolves!

  3. I absolutely adore off the shoulder stuff. Looks like I'm making a trip to Target..... Fab outfit, girl!

  4. This outfit is both romantic and sweet. This top looks beautiful along with the floral skirt. Sweet pair of sandals. Wonderful smile and hairstyle as well. Classic, captivating Carly charm.


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