Sunday, May 17, 2015

Florals + Fringe

My trusty fringe bag and lace-up sandals have been my main go-to items lately as I have been enjoying the more comfortable bohemian look. I really loved them with this beautiful floral dress from Alice's Pig... it's such a great 70s style dress and the Victorian sleeve detailing is just amazing. 

I also want to keep it short because I'm insanely tired right now, but I want to apologize for going from setting my little goal of posting about 20 times last month to now only posting 3 times so far this month. I'm getting used to a new schedule for school and a new job, so it's been a stressful few weeks so far and will continue to be through next month as well. I'll make sure to post all of the outfits I've photographed for this month, but I can't promise any type of unique posts. I hate it so badly when I have to put my blog on the back burner because this is truly whats most important in my mind, but unfortunately the world has other things for me to do as well. Hope you enjoy this outfit and the upcoming outfits, though! I will say they are some favorites of mine! :)

Wearing: Alice's Pig dress, Forever 21 hat + sandals, T-Shirt & Jeans bag.



  1. your hair and hat combo is perfect!!

  2. I definitely understand getting used to a new schedule. I'm doing the same! No worries!
    I love seeing your outfit posts nomatter how often you update. I really like the 70s vibe going on in this look. The dress is gorgeous.

    Jamie |

  3. That bag!!! I just adore it! It's so gorgeous! You look amazing Carly, so beautiful x

  4. Love this outfit, you look so pretty!

    Maƫ -


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