Monday, June 1, 2015

Sophisticated Bohème

Sometimes even a bohemian gal has to dress up... and that's when you just have to take your favorite bohemian styles and find their more sophisticated counterpart! I'm mixing this new side of me which wants to wear more sophisticated styles, with the inner me who just wants to be boho. My navy pants from Forever 21 have a palazzo style but with a more sophisticated structure, and my floral off-the-shoulder top from Savoir-Faire just all-around feminine and free-spirited! I kept the jewelry on the more classic side with my pearl necklace and earrings from Coco & Marie and my new Alex & Ani bracelets. All of the jewelry I'm wearing here are permanent additions to my look at the moment, I seriously just cannot take these pieces off! 

This outfit reminds me of something I've been wanting to talk about lately. Honestly, the past few months I've been going through a bit of a weird phase where I'm feeling discouraged, and I've been feeling that it is time to make myself change. Change my style, how I present myself, my blog and who I'm trying to reach through it, and so on. I think it's because I'm almost 20 now so I'm stuck in this phase of becoming more womanly, which is a time I've waited for now for so long. I always feel like a 30 year old in my mind and I have to remind myself I'm only 19, but I just have such a hard time relating to most others my age but can relate to and talk with older people so well. I act young in my ways and look it too, but my interests are way beyond my age. 

The blogs I read and the inspiration I gather from them are not anything like my style, but I suppose they are as well. Maybe it's all a part of being a style chameleon like I feel I am... I like a little bit of everything and all at the same time I feel it's wrong and confusing to my readers and viewers to switch up my look so often. I've recently told myself that since I love the classic feminine style of French women so much that I should take it on for myself, but that just isn't me. It is part of me because I admire it so much, but what about my love for bohemian style? Or the sometimes edgier looks I like to wear? Sometimes, I love to wear quirky prints and tons of color as well. I would basically have to part with everything in my closet to take on a style that I feel I should wear, but then I wouldn't be true to myself. 

All I'm trying to say is, sometimes we feel we need to make changes to ourselves when we are getting discouraged or going through a strange time in our lives, but we need to remember that changing ourselves isn't the answer, but rather embracing who we are is what will get us past the harder times. 


Wearing: Savoir-Faire floral top, Forever 21 navy pants, Nina Originals sandals, Forever 21 hat (old, I love this similar hat!), T-Shirt & Jeans clutch, Coco & Marie pearl necklace + earrings, Michael Kors watch, Alex & Ani bracelets.


Off-the-shoulder tops are such a great trend for this spring and summer and are lately being referred to as "bardot" tops which I love. Here's more of my favorite off-the-shoulder and bardot style tops:

1. This lace bell-sleeve top is great for a romantic gypsy style.
2. Patchwork styles on this off-the-shoulder top turn this trend into a lasting classic.
3. Opt for this snug fitted striped top for a good summer go-to.
4. Pair this tropical bardot top with your comfiest cutoffs on your next vacay!
5. Take this chic black off-the-shoulder top from day to night easily!


  1. wow Carly you look stunning! :)

  2. wow, this pants looks awesome on you & love your top!

    Maë -

  3. This is such a romantic outfit. The off-shoulder top is very lovely. Just as much so are these palazzo pants. I wished I could see the sandals a bit more to compliment this outfit, so I had to look to some past posts of yours to see the sandals in a bit better detail.

    As for evolving your style, that's perfectly fine. Having followed many different fashion bloggers (yourself included), I have seen some change up their style while still remaining fashionable and chic. Some have abandoned cute for darker outfits. Some abandon casual for more mature and classy pieces. It is really up to you. All the while, however, define your own style and shine how you want your style to shine.

    With all of this said, amazing outfit! Captivating Carly charm.

  4. Love your pants! The whole outfit is amazing. Beautiful photos x

  5. so well written!! I can relate to that because sometimes I feel like the sense of style that I want isn't really what I embody. Once again, I love that you're wearing savoir-faire!!

  6. This outfit is wonderful. I love the huge flares on these pants and the gorgeous off-the-shoulder top you paired with them.
    It's absolutely okay to like wearing a bunch of different styles. You don't have to fit into a mold. You don't have to dress just one way. I enjoy that you wear a lot of different looks on your blog. It's personal style after all!

    Jamie |


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