Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Show Off Your #IndependentU With U by Kotex!

This post was sponsored by through their partnership with Acorn Influence. While I was compensated by Acorn Influence to write a post about U by Kotex, all opinions are my own.

As I begin to approach my 20th birthday, I'm beginning to realize that I'm taking on more adult responsibilities, and am learning to work on a specific schedule in order to balance work, school, and free time, whether that be hanging out with my gals, hittin' the gym, or typing away here on my blog. My new-found confidence is really beginning to shine through, and I'm finally becoming the independent woman I've always dreamed of being when I was just a young girl! One thing that allows me to be confident through the hectic lifestyle of freelance working and balancing out the rest of my life is U by Kotex and their colorful line of products!


Phone? Check. Keys? Check. TRAVELpak? Check! When I'm heading out the door to go hang out with my girls or to attend any event in my city, I make sure my bag has all the essentials I'll need. I recently picked up the U by Kotex bonus pack from Walmart, which comes with a normal box of U by Kotex products with a tiny Travelpak attached to the top! This little travelpak is perfect for on-to-go carrying, because it's much better to have everything you need in a compact little box rather than have tampons, pads, liners, and whatever else strewn out all in your bags, and maybe even your car, too. 

Fall classes are about to be back in session, and while us ladies are doing our back to school shopping, we can't forget to pick up feminine products as well! I just love how colorful the U by Kotex line is, the colors and prints make being on your period a lot more pleasant and a lot less dreadful!

I don't know about you all, but when I'm at the gym, I prefer not to be lugging a bunch of stuff around. I just like to go in, get my workout on, and leave, without the hassle of carrying big gym bags and leaving my stuff in a locker. A lot of workout leggings and even sports bras have little pockets now, so I love the U by Kotex click tampons with the compact applicators to just store perfectly in the pockets of my pants! That way I can have a stress-free workout sesh, the way exercising should be! 

I have found a great way to incorporate all of the U by Kotex products into my everyday life, so that when my schedule gets busy I can just remain carefree and confident and not have to worry about mother nature getting in the way. I've got everything I need when I need it, and I can carry on with my adventurous life!

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