Friday, November 25, 2016

The Perfect Denim

The search has been on for the perfect pair of denim for quite some time now in my life... being a size 4 with quite a bit of booty has created a real challenge for me to find a good pair of denim. 

I kid you not, since summer I've been looking for a pair of jeans that aren't either A, too big in the waist yet fit great in the booty, or B, fit perfect in the waistline yet flatten my booty, and never had any luck. You would think in this time where women are finally accepting their curves that there would be curvy girl jeans without being considered "plus size" because the two simply are not the same. I've finally found WallFlower Jeans and they are like my denim guardian angel sent down to help me in the peak of my denim crisis. It really is that serious to me, because so far this fall/winter I've been wearing almost nothing but workout leggings to cover my legs!

This pair of denim was a perfect light wash to wear with my dark burgundy top and black boots, and I of course had to wear my other new WallFlower favorite, this customizable denim jacket! It's rugged and has little buttons and patches that you can decorate the jacket with, which as you can see I had a field day with that! It's versatile, fun, and with the buttons holds so much color and detail. A comfortable and cute look wins once again in my book!


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