Sunday, January 22, 2017

AWITP Update - Starting Over

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to start off my saying thank you to all of you who have been reading and following along with my blog throughout the last 6 years. With you, I have gotten the opportunity to not only write and share with you all what I love most, but also I've gotten to partake in some pretty cool happenings and meet plenty of wonderful people through my blog.

For the past year now, I think we all know I haven't been the best blogger. You won't see me for a long time, and then I'll have random spurts of blog posts continuously popping up here and there. The truth is, within the past year I've been hit with doing this thing called "adulting" that I think you may be familiar with.

All of the time spent blogging over the years I was in high school, with no job and no responsibility except doing my homework. However, when I graduated and started college, I did get jobs here and there but they were jobs that didn't offer much and I would end up quitting anyways. I now have a consistent job where I'm making great money, and it's sort have come in the way of me doing what I love. Now I'm not making excuses, this is still my fault. I'm bad at time management skills and I'm a terrible procrastinator. I have lost some of my motivation too due to the fact that I don't get as many awesome opportunities since I don't blog as much.

So while all of this may sound like my reasoning as to why I'm quitting my blog, it's not! I did think for a moment that I should quit, because who am I kidding, I'm no We Wore What. It's been stressing me out immensely thinking about the option of deleting my blog and wondering if it would be a mistake, but the people who know me and care about me most, like my sweet oh so loving boyfriend, reminded me that this blog is part of who I am and it would be a mistake to stop. I love fashion and dressing nicely makes me happy! I love sharing my outfits, and inspiring others to express themselves through style, but that brings me to another point. I'm tired of just being a blog full of outfit posts. I'm bored with it. While I still love it, I have a mind full of ideas and I've always been scared of branching out because I know everyone knows me for my outfits. I'm at a standstill with my blog though, and I want to grow.

I've gotten a late start into January now, but this year I'm starting over. Along with outfits, I want to write articles on fashion tips, try to create some beauty and lifestyle posts. I would also love to reach out and find some great writers who want to share their fashion and beauty posts on my blog as well. I want to spice things up and keep the fresh content coming! I'm starting slow, but I'm starting now. I'd love it if you all continued to follow along and see what I have coming throughout the year!

--- Carly

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