Thursday, April 20, 2017

Refreshing My Bedroom with Pottery Barn Teen

Your bedroom is the one personal space you have to truly make your own. Adding in little things to make it more you is what makes your room your personal, comfortable space, and that’s what I make my main focus when decorating my room. I love keeping it clean and simple, but adding in pieces that tell my story and make me who I am. 

This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn Teen. All opinions expressed are my own.

Clean, simple bedding is a must for me. White bedding brightens up and softens my room, which calms my typically stressed out mind. I recently gave my room a refreshed look by adding in this white bedding from Pottery Barn Teen with its gorgeous subtle ruched rosette detailing. 

With this white bedding as my clean fresh canvas, I am free to decorate the rest of my room with all of the color and detail I wish to fill it with! I added in some little toss pillows with pretty paisley prints and of course my cat pillow! Beautiful clean light flowers decorate small spaces of my room along with my sheer curtains that make me feel like it’s Spring time all year round.

My wall art consists of pieces of my soon to be new home, New York, and little cute things like my pairing owls and more cat pieces. I love New York and decorating my walls with my favorite city, but I also love French-styled details as well, so that’s where my room becomes me and little mixtures of the things and places I love so dearly. 

I don’t have a very large bedroom, but it’s mine and I make the most out of this little space. I love fashion so it’s only a natural requirement in my mind for my room to be fashionable as well. It makes me want to spend all of my time in my bedroom and never want to leave. I work there, sleep there, and enjoy my leisure time reading the latest issue of Vogue and catching up on my favorite shows there, too. The clean, light color scheme is something I never tire of, I just continue to enjoy my room even more every day! 


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