Tuesday, June 13, 2017

City Streets

I haven't worn a pair of overalls probably since I was 4 years old... but hey, isn't everyone nowadays dressing as their 90s child-selves? 

When I first put this thing on, my fiance thought it was pretty man repelling, but I knew I looked pretty awesome and I totally owned those overalls, and by the end of the day he came to finally agree with me and admitted that he completely changed his mind on them. When you feel good in something, your confidence always leaves you looking radiant, no matter what you're wearing.

I paired these Sans Souci overalls with a graphic cropped sweatshirt from Sans Souci as well. I love the easy, urban look it gave off all while still feeling comfy and fab!

Wearing: Sans Souci top, Sans Souci overalls, Zara boots, Michael Kors bag, ASOS choker. 

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