Friday, June 23, 2017

Dark Denim

Ever since I found a denim brand that flatters my figure instead of flattens it, jeans have become my best friend...

After years of trying to hide how my body naturally looks, I now work out more than I ever have and enjoy building strength and toning the parts of my body that I once thought were "huge" and being obsessed with fashion, I never thought I could be "fashionable" with thicker thighs. I embrace my legs and bum now, and but most jeans are made in a way that flattens my natural curves and I've looked and looked for the perfect pair of jeans that fits my body in the most flattering way. I discovered Wallflower Jeans earlier this year and now my wardrobe is filled with different colors and styles of their wide collection of denim! I just had to mention them here in a post because I know so many other ladies out there face the same problem I was having! If you own any jeans from Wallflower, comment below and tell me your thoughts!


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