Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bold Colored Tops Are Amazing, and Here's Why We Should All Own One

Some of us happen to enjoy colors a little more than others, but that's no reason why we all shouldn't own at least one colorful top in our wardrobes! 

So for all of my current blog readers -- I'm trying out something new! I want my blog to serve purpose, I want to be able to share style tips and give more insight into why I wear what I wear and the thought that went into me putting each of my outfits together. Sure, I have a "fashion" blog, but I want to be able to fully share why I style my clothes the way I do and provide tips to help others. That was what my blog was initially meant to be, but I will admit I have been getting lazy with it the past few years in the midst of the growth of Instagram and the loss of views to actual blogs.

However, I want to keep my blog strong and write what I love to write about! So today, this outfit is super simple but full of color. I go through phases of being into different styles a little more than others, after all I'm a total style chameleon and I like a little of everything! But lately for me it's been color - being in NYC is allowing me to be myself style-wise, I can be as colorful and bold as I want and I don't get stared at like I would in Florida.

I've been slowly acquiring more and more colored tops - I recently got a yellow one, now I've got this hot pink one. It's weird, but I've never had many tops in my closet. Mostly dresses and my only options for a top would be a band tee or a striped tee. Both things that I don't necessarily want to blog about all the time. But a colorful top is something we should all own, even if you're not the biggest fan of color! I love all colors, but this hot pink off-the-shoulder top from Sans Souci really stood out to me. It's perfectly fitted and has a nice ruffled detail up top. But if you don't know what color you'd be a fan of, just think about colors that flatter your eyes or the color of your hair. You can't go wrong with blues in my opinion, it's a color that almost everyone agrees with!

My pink top really dressed up my ripped up light wash denim from Wallflower, and that leads me to the second reason why we all need a good colored top! With a solid, boldly colored top, the styling possibilities are endless! I wore mine today with jeans, but I can't wait to pair it with my black wrap skirt, white cutoff shorts, and even my light wash overalls! A colored top with no print allows for it to be paired with prints, so printed pants and skirts would look perfect as well! Since I was just wearing jeans, I wore some light pink wedges from AMI Clubwear with lots of detail in the floral embroidery-styled detailing on the side.

I'm trying to keep my love for color here short, so I'll end it after this one last point. When I am putting effort into styling together an outfit, I like to make sure I stand out! I love when I catch everyone's attention and get constant compliments on an outfit I put time and thought into, it just makes me feel good and is motivation to me, and I'm sure you can all agree with me on that. Color is always going to stand out, so if I'm going somewhere special or have any reason to dress up in general, I'm heading straight for ways that I can incorporate some color into my outfit. This usually ends up either being in my top, my shoes, or both!

Colored tops make for such a great eye-catching statement piece and can be worn with anything, so I can't see why anyone wouldn't invest in one colored top for their closet! What do you all think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on your favorite tops to wear when you're trying to make a statement in the comments! Hope you're all having a great week! 💖

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