Friday, July 14, 2017

On Trend: Using Tassels to Create the Ultimate Summer Look!

What makes a summery white top, or a straw bag even better? The answer here is most definitely gonna be TASSELS!

A recent summer trend that everyone has grown to love are tassels. Tassels are literally on EVERYTHING now and this makes me so happy, because they are so much fun! There's so many reasons why this trend has my heart but firstly, they are just little added bits of color and detail to add extra texture to bags, clothes, and even accessories (LOVE tassel earrings right now!) and make your outfit a little more fun. 

Today my outfit was composed of sophisticated silhouettes featuring a black wrap skirt from Sans Souci and a white tasseled top from Shein. You all know how much I look for versatility in anything I choose to wear, because honestly, most of us aren't rich and we like to have clothes we can style multiple different ways and create new outfits out of. Both pieces of my outfit were very versatile today and I am excited to see how many ways I can style them!

Back to tassels, though. This top was classy yet summer fun-friendly with the colorful tassel detailing along the hem of the sleeves! While my outfit today was worn to a meeting, and most of my summer days are spending either working, at meetings, or running errands, it's nice to still at least feel the tropical vibes with some tassels! Also, they're super fun if you're fidgety like I am and ALWAYS need something to do with your hands. 

With this top, if you're a lover of color, to play it safe I suggest picking one of the colors in the tassels and pairing either a pair of shoes or even a cute pair of pants with one of those colors! For instance, I love red the most so I wore red heels to make my top stand out even more! I do, however, think a color like green or blue would work well with the colors in the tassels as well! It's all a matter of playing around and mix-matching until you find the perfect look!

I'd love to hear what you all think about tassels -- do you love them or are they too much for your style? Let me know in the comments! And if you LOVE them -- check out my wishlist below of some of the cutest tasseled clothes and accessories trending this season! Thanks for reading! 








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