Friday, August 11, 2017

Dorm Life: Decorating in Style, and On A Budget!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by eBay, however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! 

It's August, that crucial month when Fall classes are about to begin and as college students, we are all scrambling around trying to pay for everything in this pricey time of our lives, from buying textbooks, school supplies, tuition costs, and all of the little things in between.

For the large amount of college students living on campus, the cost of dorm living and furnishing is just another added stress! Your dorm is your temporary living space while you are in college, but it is also your focus space and an escape for when you're cracking down on the books and trying to find that peaceful place in your mind. So for this reason, it should look the way you want it to and you shouldn't have to settle for less! 

Luckily, I did all the hard work so you won't have to, and I've found some stylish dorm decor and accessories to style up your living space without breaking the bank! When buying for your dorm space, all you'll have to do is simply move a finger and head over to eBay, and by the way, 67% of the items listed on eBay ship for free, so that's even less work and worry on your part. eBay has made everything convenient for the dorm room shopper by narrowing down all of your back to college right here on their website. However, if you're not quite sure where to start in your shopping, no need to worry, it's all right here in this college checklist!

The truth is, it's only takes a few items to make that big difference in your dorm space. I've styled up my room with a mandala printed wall tapestry (which can usually be found for under $20) and I purchased this nuLOOM versatile gray rug (you can get a 4 x 6 size for around $50) to add some detail and warmth as well. I opted to go with this rather simplistic rug so that if I ever change up and re-decorate, my rug will still match everything! With those two things alone, I've already added so much of a personal touch to my room!

After adding the big statement pieces, it's time to find some little detail pieces to add in more color and make your dorm space more you. Over on eBay I found this Target lamp base and shade to fit in with my gray color scheme, and for a pop of color this Lal Haveli handmade Indian candle holder as well, which is not only decorative, but will help add extra dim light and even help make my room smell good when I light my favorite scented tea light candles in it. 

Instead of investing in expensive and luxurious bedding, I think for a college dorm it's better to just buy a bed in a bag and then decorate with fun throw pillows and a cozy blanket. In addition, to save extra money, forget buying a bunch of picture frames and just buy a big bulletin board to tack up all of your memories on! On eBay I purchased this Quartet 17" x 23" cork bulletin board (for only $12.73) and it's made for a great addition to my personal space as I tack up more and more of my cherished photos and memories!

I know first hand how it is to try hard to cut corners and save money in every little way that I can. It is possible to get room decor for only around $150, because here I have done it! Browsing around on eBay and finding simple things like inexpensive tapestries, sheer curtains, and white Christmas lights can really add a lot and make your dorm room feel so much more cozy! With that said, I hope you all find my tips and links helpful! If you all have any inexpensive ways to decorate your dorm room or living space let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear all about it!


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