Monday, August 14, 2017

The Classic Pair of Denim We All Need To Have

I used to be the kind of girl who would choose a dress or skirt over denim any day. I would think, whats so great about wearing a pair of jeans? If I want to stand out, it's not gonna be by wear denim and a top. However, my now slightly older self knows, that denim can be dressed up, and it's an essential that we should always invest in.

So now, this old me only owned like one pair of jeans that I would purchase from the $10 selection at Forever 21 because I simply did not care. Now, I'm not saying they were bad because they were actually pretty good fitting for a pair of jeggings (which is all they were), but they weren't denim. I had to chunk them after I had them for a year because by that time they would be faded, wouldn't fit right, and just not not what they once were. Denim should be good quality, long lasting, and a good pair of denim should just fit you in all the right places and make you feel good!

The pair I just described I have found now, and it's this dark classic pair mid-rise Jane skinnies from Mott & Bow. They have just the perfect amount of stretch to fit perfectly without getting stretched out. They keep their shape all day long which is all we could ever want in a pair of skinny jeans, am I right?

I got this classic pair in a darker wash because I wanted a pair that I could wear all year long. For some reason lighter jeans aren't really as flattering on me, and I don't typically wear a light wash in the cooler months, but it's all in personal preference, of course.

I paired my Mott & Bow jeans with a very thin, light beige zip up jacket top from Wallflower and my beige clogs from Call It Spring. I kept the brown toned theme by wearing a fun little brown backpack from T-Shirt & Jeans and it was all such a comfy look for a day out in Williamsburg.

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