Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Wrap Dress: Easy, Chic, + Effortlessly Romantic

I think it's safe to say, when we find a dress that is easy breezy and extremely comfy, yet still makes us look dressed up, it's a true inner achievement. This exact feeling is how I felt upon acquiring this gorgeous blue wrap dress! I encourage you all to feel my same feeling of victory and grab one for yourself, too.

So to start, here's a little of my input on the wrap dress: the classic DVF wrap dress may have always seemed to be a great choice for the older, more mature group of women, but the love shown for the wrap dress by young women in the past few years has expanded the range of styles made available for this silhouette. We all wanted in on this wonderful article of clothing, and now we've got it, made in all different materials, colors, styles, and other details to refresh this style and give it a more modern and younger feel.

To anyone who doesn't own a wrap dress, YOU NEED TO GET ONE! This dress is perfect because it can be Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. Whenever you want to wear it, you can wear it, and style it accordingly to the weather and styles of the season. You can buy them mini, maxi, or in a beautiful waterfall style like this blue beauty from Sans Souci. This dress was so perfect during the summer because of how light it was, but I can't wait to style it for fall as well. It's an effortlessly romantic dress and is a great go-to piece for when you can't decide what to wear. 

If blue isn't quite your thing, you can pick up this style in red, or you can even shop other wrap dress styles here on Sans Souci. I genuinely love this brand and every piece from Sans Souci always looks flattering on me and is a piece that ends up being often revisited in my wardrobe (and I'm quite picky), so I recommend you all to browse around on their site if you love beautiful clothes but don't like spending much like I do! 😅

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