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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Body Wash on a College Budget!

     This post is sponsored by Tone Skin Care, however, all thoughts and opinions included are my own.

Back at it again with Tone -- They have so many scents and I am determined to get them all! 

I am still in college, and I am still living that college student lifestyle. I've become thrifty as ever, and I search for the best quality items that aren't going to hurt my wallet. I'm addicted to smell-good bodywashes and lately I've been using Tone products nonstop!

This new scent, diamond dust + lotus blossom, is by far the best scent I've gotten so far! I love the clean look of the bottle, as aesthetic always plays a big part in what I decide to pick up at the store as far as beauty products go. This scent is great on my gentle skin, its always so soothing and always leaves my skin smelling so good. You can pick up a bottle of this body wash for only $3, and on a college budget, that price is golden! It also lasts such a long time, so it will be a while before you need a new one! There's not one scent I don't absolutely love from Tone, so that's why I am here recommending you all to try it! Feel free to thank me later... 😉
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