Sunday, December 16, 2018

Winter White-Out

I don't give these white jeans enough credit, they are beautiful and can be styled perfectly all year long!

Today was a not-so-cold winter day, so I opted for a look that showed a little more skin! I couldn't wait to rock my tie-front black and white polka dot top from Sans Souci, so I threw it on and paired it with my white denim from Bluefaith. Some over-the-knee boots completed this winter look, and I kept the colors light around the top to balance out the look and make this adorable top stand out!

While putting together this outfit I was thinking of so many other ways I could style this top! It would look cute tied over a dress, a bodycon skirt, or a flowy maxi skirt as well. I definitely think that's how I'll style it next!



Friday, December 14, 2018

Holiday Party Snack Must-Haves!

When it comes down to the holidays, I can talk about a lot more than just a cute outfit. I know all of the best holiday music, movies, and snacks, too! Those three together make for a perfect holiday party, and right now I'd love to focus in on a snack that I've brought to the table as one of my favorites for this holiday season.

This little snack is the Craize arepa crisp, a light, thin wafer that is so very thin but so very flavorful. This is a great treat all year long, but being the fan of hummus that I am, this has become my favorite snack pairing for any hummus dish! This holiday season I've paired my favorite two Craize cracker flavors, seeded and sweet, on a plate with veggies and fruits as a variety of treats to snack on! My friends and family are already obsessed too, and thankfully I had a few extra containers handy on me because they all went home with my loved ones as their newfound favorite thin wafer treat!

The Craize crips come in six different flavors, sweet, which is a sweet corn taste, platano, a sweet plantain crisp, seeded, made with a variety of textured grains and seeds, guava, which simply put is a very sweet guava crisp, coconut, a coconut crisp that I found so delicious the containers I received didn't even make it in time for the photos, and roasted, a more savory corn crisp. They are all delicious in their own way, but as I previously mentioned, the coconut crisps were hands down the absolute best!

What makes these treats even better is that they're guilt free. They're vegan, gluten free, kosher, and soy free! All of the ingredients included can be pronounced, which is key in my diet! I am a huge snacker and try to be conscious of the things I'm really eating, and these tasty treats are made with clean, fresh foods, and no artificial mess! I really recommend you all pick some up and serve them at your holiday parties, your guests will truly thank you for it!


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A Plaid Piece to Make Your Winter Wardrobe Complete

Every winter I look forward to many things, but one thing in particular that I can't wait for is to wear plaid. Is that crazy?! Truth is, I am just mad for prints and plaid has always been a print that I love for so many reasons.

First reason being that you can buy any color variation of this print! Lighter color plaids, darker color plaids, it's all amazing. It also styles perfectly with different colors and textures, and can be worn so many different ways. Today I wore my plaid pants here from Sans Souci with a detailed sweater, one of my favorite vintage jackets that I thrifted a few years ago, and my timeless little lace-up booties that have been seen on this blog so many times... and no, I will never retire them!

Like my little old booties, I revisited some other old accessories that have been featured in my outfits a time or two and that I will never tire of, my vintage Dooney & Bourke bag (which I'll never quite be sure if it's authentic or not), and my little black hat here! This outfit is one of my favorites in quite sometime that's for sure. Most of the outfits that I style I think are cute, but some just have something about them that stand out and are incredibly eye-catching to me. For this one, I believe it's the mixture of colors and textures. And the fact that I ROCKED those trendy grandpa pants! All jokes aside though, they're pretty cool and I've been wanting a pair for quite some time now. They will without a doubt be making a few appearances at some upcoming holiday parties!

Outfit deets:

Cord Jacket - Thrifted (Vintage Guess)
Sweater - Shein (Old)
Plaid Pants - Sans Souci
All accessories - Super old
Watch - Elixa

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Returning From YEAR LONG HIATUS (!!!) With Fall Knits + Prints

I can't believe it, but here I am, finally back here posting on my blog! I have battled my thoughts and the pros and cons of running this blog for a full year as well, but my much needed break is over and I feel refreshed and ready to focus into my favorite hobby again.

This blog has really helped define who I am ever since 2012 when I started it. Through the years I've gotten caught up in wanting to make money off of it, and when that didn't happen often for me, it drew me away from it. As well as comparing myself to big bloggers, being upset that I could never afford that brand new Louis Vuitton bag or that I was never going to be"cool" enough to be gifted some Gucci sneakers. However, I've had a year to think things over. I love blogging because it's my outlet to share every outfit I put together, and that's how I express myself!

My outfit here isn't anything I was gifted recently, as I am starting back from the basics with this post. I love fall fashion and am always so eager to put together a cozy layered look during the cooler months. Today I paired this burgundy vintage-inspired sweater top that I received last year from Voodoo Vixen, I can't believe I found it online still all this time later, but it's an outlet piece on the site now and still available in most sizes!

The skirt is thrifted, the tights are from Target and are a few years old now but they matched perfectly with my top so I had to wear them! My front lace-up boots are actually a comfy pair of heeled boots and I can't quite remember where they're from, but don't worry, I've searched the internets and found a similar pair from Dolls Kill for you to take a look at! I also added in a little shine at the end by throwing over this cute rose gold metallic crossbody from Violet Ray, it helped keep my outfit a little modern!

My beanie / beret thing is actually EONS old from JC Penney, and surprisingly enough I've never worn it because I never could quite figure it out. Now that berets are the cute thing to wear, I've finally put this knit beanie on my head and rocked it as a beret... because I think that's always how it wanted to be worn.

Outfit details: 
Houndstooth skirt // Thrifted
Boots // (not sure) similar from Dolls Kill

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