Friday, December 14, 2018

Holiday Party Snack Must-Haves!

When it comes down to the holidays, I can talk about a lot more than just a cute outfit. I know all of the best holiday music, movies, and snacks, too! Those three together make for a perfect holiday party, and right now I'd love to focus in on a snack that I've brought to the table as one of my favorites for this holiday season.

This little snack is the Craize arepa crisp, a light, thin wafer that is so very thin but so very flavorful. This is a great treat all year long, but being the fan of hummus that I am, this has become my favorite snack pairing for any hummus dish! This holiday season I've paired my favorite two Craize cracker flavors, seeded and sweet, on a plate with veggies and fruits as a variety of treats to snack on! My friends and family are already obsessed too, and thankfully I had a few extra containers handy on me because they all went home with my loved ones as their newfound favorite thin wafer treat!

The Craize crips come in six different flavors, sweet, which is a sweet corn taste, platano, a sweet plantain crisp, seeded, made with a variety of textured grains and seeds, guava, which simply put is a very sweet guava crisp, coconut, a coconut crisp that I found so delicious the containers I received didn't even make it in time for the photos, and roasted, a more savory corn crisp. They are all delicious in their own way, but as I previously mentioned, the coconut crisps were hands down the absolute best!

What makes these treats even better is that they're guilt free. They're vegan, gluten free, kosher, and soy free! All of the ingredients included can be pronounced, which is key in my diet! I am a huge snacker and try to be conscious of the things I'm really eating, and these tasty treats are made with clean, fresh foods, and no artificial mess! I really recommend you all pick some up and serve them at your holiday parties, your guests will truly thank you for it!


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